Tuesday, March 09, 2004


someone stole the no buzz url, so i had to name it retrobuzz. this is probably the only post. if i can remember this url, maybe there will be another post in smarch. not much content, just things that i think have absopure'ly no buzz. if you're looking for a good read, go someplace else---there are a million better places to waste your time at work

this week's no buzz list
1.) the strokes--another room on fire tour? 5 over-rated pussbags who wish they had some buzz. instead, they are the diet rite of buzz colas. 35 cent cola, retro price, but not so good.

2.) fox network--~6 weeks w/out a new tru calling ep? another 3 weeks w/out a new oc ep? WORST!
all thanks to their uber abortion line-up of american idol & lame reality shows

3.) reality tv shows
--most people who watch this shite are the one's who think titanic is an epic film. reality has become oxymoronic term. if you watch them, you blow. and god help you if you cause tru calling to get cancelled post season--karma is a bitch.

4.) sopranos c/o hbo
--big season debut, whoopty-ephing-doo! for shame steve buscemi (sp?) for 1st, con air, then tons of sandler movies, now this show. sex & the city...WORST SHOW EVS! bring back a show that really mattered...1st & ten, oj sizz. or detroit-based drunken armenians in taxis

5.) volkswagon cars--don't buy them, they're shit! everything breaks on these damn cars. the ghetta is the country time brand of cars.

6.) famous twin sisters--i feel like a creep just looking at the olsen twins cos they still look like they're nine yrs old, saying 'you got it dude!' on full house. the hotel ho's...why can't they nick a page from love hewitt's 'irrelevant-in-60 seconds' manual & fall off the face of the earth, stat?

the oc no buzz rankings (via USA Today Poll from 3/04/04)

1.) Caleb (48) don't eph w/ the cohenbestens!
2.) Ryan (37) go back to chino, chino!
3.) Theresa (35) you went back to chino, & forgot to take chino w/ you!
4.) Julie Coop (25) worst mom evs. what's next, ephing abe lincoln's father's dead attorney?
5.) Coop (19) spend some time away from busy sched of trying to win chino back, & have an arby-q lunch, maybe some chikistan.
(1st place votes denoted in parenthesis)


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