Friday, June 18, 2004

what can brown do for me?  

pete doherty found! he's in london now. he was in bangkok thailand, & was shipped via UPS back to great britain, after being inspected for ticks. the db went awol from rehab last week. sending pete there was the best idea w/ the worst possible outcome: he didn't o.d. & die & the libertines can still make awful awful music. what can brown do for you? return your lousy junkie bandmate to you in 1 day.

worst news ever. franzia ferdinand sold their millionth album copy worldwide. are there really that many people who bought into their pretentious dance rock craptravaganza hype? i'm embarrassed to be a blogger. you've lost your way blogger villa. for shame.

enough w/ shitty bands, & on to the best band going these days (in my mind). this is one perk to living in LA, no? idlewild to showcase new material in acoustic shows on july 5th & 6th at hotel cafe. maybe a certain LA blogger knows some details on release for album #4? this points to summer, but that sounds like dodgy info.

cheers bono! fight the power. bono vox (aka paul hewson aka u2 singer) rebelliously broke smoking ban in dublin restaurants & bars (& all places of work) at the tea room. the bar is in the clarence hotel, which is owned by u2. bono was hanging out w/ the chili peppers at the time. oh, he put out the cigarette & apologized for forgetting about the ban? no buzz.

when will reality show wizards listen? we don't need more industry 'behind-the-scenes' shows. the restaurant=worst. donald trump=worst. nascar drivers 360: worst. now a&e has joined the brain-dead irreality show scene. 'airline' is in the works, an unnecessary & labored look behind southwest airlines. job applicants have more than tripled since the show was announced.

yyyyyyyesssss! he hits it! marv albert gets canned as ny knicks broadcaster on the msg network. after 36 years, & an embarrassing cross-dressing scandal a few years ago, albert finally got tossed to the curb like tuesday's rubbish. i've never liked albert. so annoying.

what is going on in the music biz? lay-offs lay-offs lay-offs. after bmg slashed like 60% of their heads this week, warner brothers is expected to cut 50% of the maverick label's heads once they take over control. not good for workers.

last night i caught the hard lessons & the nice device at st andrews in the 'out of the garage festival'. it was poorly promoted for an all ages show, & unfortunately attendance was weak. fortunately, both bands played excellent sets. alicia gbur...er, gbest! both bands put on high energy sets, it's just unfortunate that zero promotional press was done to hype up the show. if you haven't heard of these bands, you will shortly. they are the next batch of bands to break into the pages of whatever music pub you read.

unlike every other rock band in the d, they actually have a different sound. i picked up the nice device's soon to be released ep, 'birth of a lover'. it's BEST. 4 tracks recorded w/ brendan benson, 3 tracks w/ jim diamond, & mixed by zach shipps. after paying their dues since last feb, this band is primed to storm stereos everywhere. alicia is everything karen o should be...great singer/song-writer, guitarist, stage presence, & hott. amplified buzz pop indeed. augie from the hard lessons revealed that they are recording an ep now, to be released later this year. a mix of new pornographers & detroit flavor rock. ko ko has an amazing voice & is quite the organ player. check out both band's web sites for more details.

billboard reveals that interpol's new album, 'antics', will be released by matador on sept 28th. i remember hearing 2 new tracks last september on their tour, & they will be revealing more of 'antics' when they play the curiosa festival mainstage this summer. here is the track listing as it stands:
next exit
take you on a cruise
slow hands
not even jail
public pervert
length of love
a time to be so small

Thursday, June 17, 2004

you got it duuuuude! 

pat o'brien to leave access hollywood for a spin-off show called 'the insider', to launch in september. topics to be covered in his first show are, 'what was britney thinking?', 'has jacko gone wacko?', & 'is demi moore ready to become mrs ashton kutcher?'.

jon stewart had another really funny line last night on the daily show. referring to iraq's request for the return of saddam hussein to iraq's custody, president bush said, 'what assurances do we have that he'll remain in prison after we return him?'. stewart added, 'if there's one area of expertise the US brings to the table, it's prison management'. mess o' potamia. best.

random simpson's quote of the day
bart: dad, you killed the zombie flanders!
homer: he was a zombie?

note to cher: stop ephing touring! Her Durstness added yet another leg of 18 dates to her never-ending farewell tour, after already playing 200 shows. some people just don't know when to call it quits gracefully.

never heeding advice, i'm linking to it anyway. funny story on blubox yesterday.

looking for something cool to do in the d tonight...look no further than the next sentence. nice device & the hard lessons play tonight at st andrews in the 'out of the garage festival'. a couple other can't miss sets this weekend at the FREE 'rock city festival' 6/19 & 6/20 are the nice device on 6/19 at 4:45-5:10pm (west stage) & brendan benson on 6/20 at 10:10pm. yeah, it's in the back-alley behind the majestic, but it's an abortion-free zone. best.

bush is disputing the 911 commissions finding of no evidence of linkage between saddam & al-qaida. all this talky, talk talk talk, but no proofy-proof proof proof. my favorite quote is, 'This administration never said that the 9-11 attacks were orchestrated between Saddam and al-Qaida'. hmmm, then why the eph are we in iraq in the 1st place? i believe it's cos you linked iraq to 911, then the whole imaginary weapons of mass destruction thing.

3rd season of the surreal life...worst line-up ever, worst show ever. flavor flav to join jordan knight of nkotb, dave coulier of full house, ryan starr from american idol, former danish hottie birgitte nielsen & charo from the love boat. you got it duuuude!
(link via the grizz)


i like isiah cos he dunks!i know it's almost 24 hours since the pistons dismantled the lakers 100-87 in the nba finals, winning the crown, but i didn't have time to post today. met up w/ fow's again at o'flat's, drank several dollar coors light drafts, got the 'no means no' & '1st oj, now kobay...stay away from the white women' chants going again at the bar. even donnie darko played in the finals again. now granda, he looked horrible, missing 1 shot badly, missing 2 free throws, & appearing to be totally phased. he even had the ball stolen from him like scott baio was defending him in the invisible man. be that as it may, all those dodgy LA smugfucks are eating their shite talk from the past 10 days. the best part is hearing all the stupid rubbish metro-detroiters say on camera when they're drunk. stuff like (my all-time fave), 'i like isiah cos he dunks!'. i heard so much stupid gibberish on the news. expect much the same at the parade tomorrow.

seacrest...douched!the new carson daly, ryan douchecrest, torches simon cowell in an interview which ironically was w/ the 'straight' times newspaper of singapore. seacrest said cowell is too harsh on un-talented contestants, & crushes their dreams of recording terrible albums filled w/ suicide inducing cover songs. although i'm not a big fan, cowell is the ONLY reason to watch that show--god forbid someone's actually honest on fox. & he was on the simpsons this past year as a pre-school admissions screener. who the hell is seacrest? i never heard of him until fall 2003, the 2nd season of idol. this guy was that brown-noser in high school you hated. who sucks more D on that show, paula abdul or seacrest? toss up.

andy or peabs?andy dick pleads not guilty to drug possession rap from coachella. i know this bust was revealed post coachella by every blogger, but who gets pinched by a rent-a-cop? what a fucking tourist. he went from getting busted for coke in '99 to pot in '04. nice slide. it should have been at least heroin or speedball. even i know that. he kind looks like a deranged eccentric peabs, no?

who knew rivers cuomo started a blog? me neither. he's posted 3 new songs on it though. & i thought i was too late to the party.

rue, more buzz than phantomyeah you're always, up to no good. phantom planet singer alex greenwald does a peta promo, poses w/ a baby chicken, & spews the worst quote ever, 'there's a lot of horrendous things that go on, not to everyone's knowledge (re: chicken farming). people should be aware of it, & not just how cute little chicks can be'. who do you think you are chris martin? maketrade...worst

the grizz forwarded me this badly drawn boy buzz earlier (since i can't find a link)...

badly drizzedAstralwerks is proud to announce the addition of Badly Drawn Boy to its roster. The new album One Plus One Is One will be released on July 27, 2004. In a world where the prolific are seen as freaks and consistency is frowned upon (people like to think of musicians lost, scrabbling pitifully on the ground then rising again- it makes for good copy) Badly Drawn Boy (AKA Damon Gough) is mighty hard to deal with. But there's something else. For Damon is not only consistent and prolific (his last two records, The About A Boy Soundtrack & Have You Fed The Fish? were released just seven months apart) he is, as a writer, still in the ascendant. The piano and guitar parts on One Plus One Is One will have you asking if our unassuming hero is really the author of almost all you hear. And the passionately positive lyrical themes will, allied to tunes you swear are so classic they must have come from some ancient mother-lode, have you smiling. Damon's music finds the innocent in everyone and disarms time & time again.

Badly Drawn Boy began work in June 2003 at Stockport England's Moolah Rouge Studios. Damon had decided he wanted to be nearer to his home for the making of this LP, as most of Have You Fed The Fish? was put together in LA. Moolah Rouge is just a 15-minute cab ride from his house. You don't get jetlag during the journey from his home outside of Manchester to Stockport. And you get to see your kids now & again. the greatest singer in the worldThese things were important. One Plus One Is One is a simpler & more spacious record than the micro detailed Fish. It was meant to be that way. Sure there are some sonic shenanigans and a playfulness that speaks of the relaxed atmosphere this record was created in, but it stands or falls on the quality of the songs. It stands.

One Plus One Is One is fundamentally organic & computer free. It has the space & darkness of Gainsbourg's Melody Nelson, the pagan folkiness of Paul Giovanni's Wicker Man soundtrack, & the universal positivity of Jesus Christ Superstar. It's that ambitious and it connects- w/ songs about passing on good fortune, looking after your friends, encouraging the basic humanity in all of us, and always finding the love that makes us more than monkeys. The US release of One Plus One Is One will include the bonus tracks, 'Don't Ask Me I'm Only The President' & 'Plan B'.

moving on to 'things you don't care about', today was a bad day. shockey's were bugging me all day to get some stuff done. i've spent alot of time recently contemplating things that need to change for the better. no, i'm not talking about weekend surgery in vegas or anything. i'm talking quitting smoking on july 12th, for good. i've quit for 3 month stints twice, but stress has always made me crumble & light up again. i've started walking ~4 miles/day, & in a few weeks that will be 3-4 miles running per day. not looking forward to the murder my lungs are going to go through, but who wants to die of lung cancer. duhvs, drinking will need to be curbed, cos nothing knocks you off the wagon faster than binge drinking.

i'll stay away from the career arena, but that's one too. it's buzzless to find that 4.5 years out of school, i'm not real content w/ (my area of work). glad i spent >40 grand on the degree. worst. although i didn't win the big game lotto last night, i did win $3. if i won, i wouldn't have to worry about any of this crap. maybe friday i'll win? yeah, i'm gonna do that. also, i think i'm going to stop being a smart-ass prick so much. when pressure torques my bp, i'm going to drop a 'serenity now', kramer stizz. from bitter smoker to happy non-smoker? some say implausible. we shall see. the patch coupled w/ weekly sessions w/ a topless hypnotherapist can work miracles.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

what was britney thinking? 

nice article on reuters covering the spiritual/higher being influx into network programming. featured shows are 'joan of arcadia' & 'tru calling'. buzz.

bjork's new album due out in august. samples can be heard on her website. it features contributions from experimental electronic duo matmos & japanese beatboxer dokaka. odd, but it's bjork. sounds like bjork. should be good, or at least interesting.

it's that time again where tom izzo makes spartan country sweat out the sleuth of hiring interest thrown at him by nba teams. currently there is strong interest from the toronto raptors in the michigan state head basketball coach. i can't see him leaving (yet), but i'm sure he's growing ever more frustrated by the increasing early-exits for the nba. if & when he does leave for the nba, it won't be to take over this team. (link via the gorilla)

at least i'm not alone on this...even jack white doen't understand why the white stripes are so popular. (link via employee comedy)

onyx whore-tel tour cancelled! what was britney thinking? knee injury forces brit to cancel the summer leg of the whore-tel tour.

duran duran to record a new album...

can't wait for the nba finals to be done with, & kobay's rape trial begins. sick of hearing the kobay, dr. phil, hot karl, etc crying on tv about how they are losing because the ref's aren't respecting them & giving them any calls. seems to me that they're losing because they didn't respect the pistons & assumed their experience would win this series. go toss the virtual salad, chelios stizz. tonight's game 5 prediction: pistons 82 lakers -74 (negative points? shaq goes bananaz in the 3rd & just keeps pushing the ball up through the bottom of the lakers' hoop over & over, deducting 2 points each time).

very slow news day & very bad day at work. durst lumber revealed.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

roll call... 

unfortunately for blogger villa, damore wasn't able to attend the franzia ferdinand show in the d last night. as much as i was psyched about the opportunity to throw eggs & bags of wine at the talentless d-nozzles up on stage, the pistons game took priority. i also wasn't thrilled at the prospect of trying to explain to my boss this morning why i would be late to work due to an arrest. he probably would've seen it on nme.com before i would've got to make my 1 phone call anyway. lousy sunday concerts.

i think this is the most appropriate headline ever-- papa roach commits 'murder' this september...w/ the release of their 3rd major label lp.

'did you just call me screech again?!'anyone want a.c. slater's leftover doritos? hottie ali landry has filed for divorce from the former 'saved by the bell' star. divorce papers filed by landry's attorneys cited, 'ms. landry was getting 'creeped out' by the frequency at which mr. lopez referred to her as 'screech' during intimate moments, showing evidence of his infidelity'. way too much info.

um, worst. the soon to be televised irreality back-alley abortion known as 'rock star' will be a try-out of sorts for a singing gig w/ inxs. i'm pretty sure i covered 'rock star' last week, but...i love old inxs as much as the next 80's child, but this band hasn't had any buzz since 'welcome to wherever you are'. 3 good songsmostly because one of the guy's on the album cover looks a bit like the 1992 me(when the album was released). auditions will cover 5 continents & the outcome will be recording a terrible album w/ the band & then a world tour playing sold-out back-alley's in a town near you. where will you find damore? in a hotel room, michael hutchenced, hanging naked by a nuse ending the torment this show/album/tour will cause.

earlier today the grizz revealed an email cancellation notice of courtney love's summer tour. mtv news cites cross-country 'legal woes' as the shotgun blast to the head (their words, not mine). here is the email:

From: bastard117@ticketbastard.com
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 1:11 PM

Hello, this is Ticketbastard Customer Service with an important alert regarding your upcoming event. Courtney Love, scheduled at Clutch Dursto's on Tues, July 6th, 2004 at 7:00pm has been cancelled. Your account has been issued a credit in the full amount of the ticket price and service charges. The $4.10 per order processing fee and any UPS or Ticketbast Delivery charges are non-refundable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our website at www.ticketbastard.com. Thank you for using Ticketbastard!

eph you & your non-refundable bullshit order processing fees & delivery charges!!!!!!!

just cos creed broke up doesn't mean scott stapp quit being a douchebag. he is suing a classy florida strip-club called 'diamond dolls' for playing 'my sacrifice' w/out paying the necessary licensing fees. listen a-hole, be glad your rubbish music is getting played at all. even mark slaughter is suing the club for playing slaughter's hit 'fly to the angels'. i won't even waste a 'dodgy' ref on your d-bag consortium of franzia.

mmm...sandwich of hottness>the best for last...final destination 3: the movie, is in the works. it would complete the highly successful & bestever trilogy. rumours i've read include it being shot in 3D, the setting being an amusement park, & kelly osbourne having a bit role in it. i'm all for kelly oz having a gruesome death in the movie. add paris hilton & the libertines as well. just bring back aj cook & don't kill her off. (linkage via nummer)

Monday, June 14, 2004

alright stop...hammertime 

can you blow me where the pampers is?gee, i didn't see this one coming--but when you're right, you're right. nme reveals that pete doherty of the libertines has ditched out of rehab in thailand & is thought to be heading for bangkok, for some super duper drugs. allow me to boast a bit on this one. i so called this bs thailand rehab trip for what it was last week. nothing but a way to score some great drugs. duhvs.

pistons embarrassed the lakers again last night, winning 88-80. i'm pretty sick of hearing the media still s'ing the lakers' d as of yesterday. all of those abc/espn broadcasting fuks predicted the lakers would win last night. all i heard all weekend was that the lakers lost those 2 games, the pistons didn't win them, & that the lakers would right their ship & win the series. what the lakers don't get is that it's NOT only the size of the d that matters, but also technique.

who's putting the moves on who?all of those laker fucks (kobay, shaq, pampers) were all 'we don't need to panic, we'll play our game on sunday & win'. detroit has beaten the eph out of you, you're getting out-played, out-hussled, & out-classed by detroit. the better team is winning & will win tomorrow against smugtown. just like the patriots, the team w/ the most future hall of famers doesn't always win, but the best TEAM usually does. the lakers should take some notes on the red wings while they're in town for 2 more days. i think most of the wings are at the games anyway. cheliblos will gladly tell you how much his summer blows, if he's sober enough to speak & all.

one thing i was surprisingly impressed w/ was kid rock's performance during the pre-game. he was dressed as WT, but before he sang 'america the beautiful', he dedicated the song to all of the armed forces troops, ronald reagan, & ray charles. that was pretty classy, & he actually sang pretty well. he didn't do his patented kid rock yell until after the song, which was something like 'let's rock & roll!'.

sass revealedlast night (during commercials) i caught clips of maxim's hot 100 on vh1. a couple points of interest: liz phair came in at #45, not too shabby for the 37 year old mom. but nicole richie was something like #29 on the list---wtf?! nicole is sooooo skanky (& not in the hott way). earlier yesterday i was at kroger & saw she was scantily clad on the cover this month's stuff magazine. i purposely don't have links or pics here because that would be durst. anyway, i don't need that kind of traffic coming my way--searches for 'nicole+richie+... ashanti was #20. remember those pics on whatevs? worst.

yippy-kigh-yay...traffic on this site has been crazed today. i'm somehow getting all these search hits looking for info on geneiveve gowman, the wannabe playmate who's trying to clean out verne troyer's mini-pockets. i think my all-time high of 600 visits will be history by 2pm. thanks for the random hits, you ephing douchebags! welcome to the party pal!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

i turn the ac on high 

today the olsen twins turned 18. no more buzz for them. i suspect we won't be hearing much from until the 1st drug bust or public catfight, maybe their senior year at nyu.

popular in the 80's, now...not so muchi was watching a re-run of thurday's the daily show & jennifer love hewitt was the guest, as garfield the movie was forced into theatres this weekend. jon stewart absopurely killed during the interview. i'm paraphrasing a bit here, but stewart started like this: 'so garfield was really popular back in the 80's w/ a tv cartoon & a comic strip, but since then...not so much.' hewitt was shocked to hear him trash it. he then jumped into, 'so what do you think the creators were thinking when they decided to greenlight this movie?'. possibly the quote of the year re: bill murray doing the voice of the cat, 'bill murray must be some kind of crazy whore for money now'. jlh was visably pissed-off at stewart for torpedoing her latest debacle of a movie, & said, 'thanks for encouraging people everywhere to rush out & see the movie. thanks'. i don't think jlh is cool & secure enough to have pre-staged this hatchet job, so i think it was real. right up there w/ letterman's interview w/ janet jackson earlier this year. best. is there a smarter, funnier show on tv? amazingly, garfield pulled in over $21mil at the BO this weekend. puzzeling.

'forget m&m's, i'm looking for hash'did anyone see brittany murphy at the mtv movie awards? she looked exactly like ellen degeneres. short blonde hair-do & all. apparently the wayans brothers, fresh off finishing their cross-dressing abortion flick, 'white girls', are still into grabbing lesbians' asses. they grabbed murphy's at the awards.

so much buzz revealedsaturday i went to the WAB for the prime ministers cd release party of 'the prime ministers go for glory'. i went han solo style due to all the out-of-towners this weekend, which i only do for HIGHLY anticipated shows (duhvs, this being one). btw...uncle grambo did a great write-up on the album friday, found here. there was an opening band, drag day, who i felt over-stayed their welcome. i think they were friends w/ the wab mgmt, & played for well over an hour. the real back-breaker for me was when they closed their set w/ a cover of interpol's obstacle 1. worst. the singer was no ian curtis. note to bands out there...don't cover interpol!

thankfully, the pm's came up soon did not disappoint, ripping through ~14 songs of power-pop rock goodness, mostly from their new lp, but a few old favorites as well. my faves on the new album so far are 'bored-again kristin' (which is FANTASTIC), 'hall of fame', 't-minus whatever', & 'summer shoulders'. at $8, this album is a steal. all sounded great live, & the full capacity wab crowd was totally into their set, grooving along. if you like fountains of wayne, sloan, urge overkill, great power-pop-rock in general, you'll love this band & this album. grambo was dead on when he said it's a perfect summer album. so very catchy. an added bonus at the show was a bulletin i like to call 'the prime ministers go for glory...REVEALED!'. it was a program that gives track-by-track insight into the meanings/inspiration, the recording process, etc. fans were also blessed w/ a piece of fancy prime minister photo cake. mmmmBEST! upon hearing someone in the crowd yelled 'so best!' in-between songs, singer/guitarist todd wicks said 'revealed'.

if you missed this epic show, don't fret, they will be playing w/ other local/fow faves last tourist on thurs july 15th at smalls. so much buzz. this potentially could be the PM's last show before taking a break from shows for awhile, so mark your calendars, & don't miss this show.

i HIGHLY recommend this album. detroiters can pick it up at wendells in royal oak, rock-a-billys in utica, & record time (ferndale & roseville), at their upcoming show/s. everyone can order via email at info@theprimeministers.com.

pistons should defeat the lakers tonight (tip-off is 75min away)213-17, to take a 3-1 lead in this d-town beat-down.

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