Thursday, June 17, 2004

you got it duuuuude! 

pat o'brien to leave access hollywood for a spin-off show called 'the insider', to launch in september. topics to be covered in his first show are, 'what was britney thinking?', 'has jacko gone wacko?', & 'is demi moore ready to become mrs ashton kutcher?'.

jon stewart had another really funny line last night on the daily show. referring to iraq's request for the return of saddam hussein to iraq's custody, president bush said, 'what assurances do we have that he'll remain in prison after we return him?'. stewart added, 'if there's one area of expertise the US brings to the table, it's prison management'. mess o' potamia. best.

random simpson's quote of the day
bart: dad, you killed the zombie flanders!
homer: he was a zombie?

note to cher: stop ephing touring! Her Durstness added yet another leg of 18 dates to her never-ending farewell tour, after already playing 200 shows. some people just don't know when to call it quits gracefully.

never heeding advice, i'm linking to it anyway. funny story on blubox yesterday.

looking for something cool to do in the d tonight...look no further than the next sentence. nice device & the hard lessons play tonight at st andrews in the 'out of the garage festival'. a couple other can't miss sets this weekend at the FREE 'rock city festival' 6/19 & 6/20 are the nice device on 6/19 at 4:45-5:10pm (west stage) & brendan benson on 6/20 at 10:10pm. yeah, it's in the back-alley behind the majestic, but it's an abortion-free zone. best.

bush is disputing the 911 commissions finding of no evidence of linkage between saddam & al-qaida. all this talky, talk talk talk, but no proofy-proof proof proof. my favorite quote is, 'This administration never said that the 9-11 attacks were orchestrated between Saddam and al-Qaida'. hmmm, then why the eph are we in iraq in the 1st place? i believe it's cos you linked iraq to 911, then the whole imaginary weapons of mass destruction thing.

3rd season of the surreal life...worst line-up ever, worst show ever. flavor flav to join jordan knight of nkotb, dave coulier of full house, ryan starr from american idol, former danish hottie birgitte nielsen & charo from the love boat. you got it duuuude!
(link via the grizz)

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