Monday, June 14, 2004

alright stop...hammertime 

can you blow me where the pampers is?gee, i didn't see this one coming--but when you're right, you're right. nme reveals that pete doherty of the libertines has ditched out of rehab in thailand & is thought to be heading for bangkok, for some super duper drugs. allow me to boast a bit on this one. i so called this bs thailand rehab trip for what it was last week. nothing but a way to score some great drugs. duhvs.

pistons embarrassed the lakers again last night, winning 88-80. i'm pretty sick of hearing the media still s'ing the lakers' d as of yesterday. all of those abc/espn broadcasting fuks predicted the lakers would win last night. all i heard all weekend was that the lakers lost those 2 games, the pistons didn't win them, & that the lakers would right their ship & win the series. what the lakers don't get is that it's NOT only the size of the d that matters, but also technique.

who's putting the moves on who?all of those laker fucks (kobay, shaq, pampers) were all 'we don't need to panic, we'll play our game on sunday & win'. detroit has beaten the eph out of you, you're getting out-played, out-hussled, & out-classed by detroit. the better team is winning & will win tomorrow against smugtown. just like the patriots, the team w/ the most future hall of famers doesn't always win, but the best TEAM usually does. the lakers should take some notes on the red wings while they're in town for 2 more days. i think most of the wings are at the games anyway. cheliblos will gladly tell you how much his summer blows, if he's sober enough to speak & all.

one thing i was surprisingly impressed w/ was kid rock's performance during the pre-game. he was dressed as WT, but before he sang 'america the beautiful', he dedicated the song to all of the armed forces troops, ronald reagan, & ray charles. that was pretty classy, & he actually sang pretty well. he didn't do his patented kid rock yell until after the song, which was something like 'let's rock & roll!'.

sass revealedlast night (during commercials) i caught clips of maxim's hot 100 on vh1. a couple points of interest: liz phair came in at #45, not too shabby for the 37 year old mom. but nicole richie was something like #29 on the list---wtf?! nicole is sooooo skanky (& not in the hott way). earlier yesterday i was at kroger & saw she was scantily clad on the cover this month's stuff magazine. i purposely don't have links or pics here because that would be durst. anyway, i don't need that kind of traffic coming my way--searches for 'nicole+richie+... ashanti was #20. remember those pics on whatevs? worst.

yippy-kigh-yay...traffic on this site has been crazed today. i'm somehow getting all these search hits looking for info on geneiveve gowman, the wannabe playmate who's trying to clean out verne troyer's mini-pockets. i think my all-time high of 600 visits will be history by 2pm. thanks for the random hits, you ephing douchebags! welcome to the party pal!

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