Sunday, June 13, 2004

i turn the ac on high 

today the olsen twins turned 18. no more buzz for them. i suspect we won't be hearing much from until the 1st drug bust or public catfight, maybe their senior year at nyu.

popular in the 80's, now...not so muchi was watching a re-run of thurday's the daily show & jennifer love hewitt was the guest, as garfield the movie was forced into theatres this weekend. jon stewart absopurely killed during the interview. i'm paraphrasing a bit here, but stewart started like this: 'so garfield was really popular back in the 80's w/ a tv cartoon & a comic strip, but since then...not so much.' hewitt was shocked to hear him trash it. he then jumped into, 'so what do you think the creators were thinking when they decided to greenlight this movie?'. possibly the quote of the year re: bill murray doing the voice of the cat, 'bill murray must be some kind of crazy whore for money now'. jlh was visably pissed-off at stewart for torpedoing her latest debacle of a movie, & said, 'thanks for encouraging people everywhere to rush out & see the movie. thanks'. i don't think jlh is cool & secure enough to have pre-staged this hatchet job, so i think it was real. right up there w/ letterman's interview w/ janet jackson earlier this year. best. is there a smarter, funnier show on tv? amazingly, garfield pulled in over $21mil at the BO this weekend. puzzeling.

'forget m&m's, i'm looking for hash'did anyone see brittany murphy at the mtv movie awards? she looked exactly like ellen degeneres. short blonde hair-do & all. apparently the wayans brothers, fresh off finishing their cross-dressing abortion flick, 'white girls', are still into grabbing lesbians' asses. they grabbed murphy's at the awards.

so much buzz revealedsaturday i went to the WAB for the prime ministers cd release party of 'the prime ministers go for glory'. i went han solo style due to all the out-of-towners this weekend, which i only do for HIGHLY anticipated shows (duhvs, this being one). btw...uncle grambo did a great write-up on the album friday, found here. there was an opening band, drag day, who i felt over-stayed their welcome. i think they were friends w/ the wab mgmt, & played for well over an hour. the real back-breaker for me was when they closed their set w/ a cover of interpol's obstacle 1. worst. the singer was no ian curtis. note to bands out there...don't cover interpol!

thankfully, the pm's came up soon did not disappoint, ripping through ~14 songs of power-pop rock goodness, mostly from their new lp, but a few old favorites as well. my faves on the new album so far are 'bored-again kristin' (which is FANTASTIC), 'hall of fame', 't-minus whatever', & 'summer shoulders'. at $8, this album is a steal. all sounded great live, & the full capacity wab crowd was totally into their set, grooving along. if you like fountains of wayne, sloan, urge overkill, great power-pop-rock in general, you'll love this band & this album. grambo was dead on when he said it's a perfect summer album. so very catchy. an added bonus at the show was a bulletin i like to call 'the prime ministers go for glory...REVEALED!'. it was a program that gives track-by-track insight into the meanings/inspiration, the recording process, etc. fans were also blessed w/ a piece of fancy prime minister photo cake. mmmmBEST! upon hearing someone in the crowd yelled 'so best!' in-between songs, singer/guitarist todd wicks said 'revealed'.

if you missed this epic show, don't fret, they will be playing w/ other local/fow faves last tourist on thurs july 15th at smalls. so much buzz. this potentially could be the PM's last show before taking a break from shows for awhile, so mark your calendars, & don't miss this show.

i HIGHLY recommend this album. detroiters can pick it up at wendells in royal oak, rock-a-billys in utica, & record time (ferndale & roseville), at their upcoming show/s. everyone can order via email at info@theprimeministers.com.

pistons should defeat the lakers tonight (tip-off is 75min away)213-17, to take a 3-1 lead in this d-town beat-down.

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