Wednesday, June 16, 2004

what was britney thinking? 

nice article on reuters covering the spiritual/higher being influx into network programming. featured shows are 'joan of arcadia' & 'tru calling'. buzz.

bjork's new album due out in august. samples can be heard on her website. it features contributions from experimental electronic duo matmos & japanese beatboxer dokaka. odd, but it's bjork. sounds like bjork. should be good, or at least interesting.

it's that time again where tom izzo makes spartan country sweat out the sleuth of hiring interest thrown at him by nba teams. currently there is strong interest from the toronto raptors in the michigan state head basketball coach. i can't see him leaving (yet), but i'm sure he's growing ever more frustrated by the increasing early-exits for the nba. if & when he does leave for the nba, it won't be to take over this team. (link via the gorilla)

at least i'm not alone on this...even jack white doen't understand why the white stripes are so popular. (link via employee comedy)

onyx whore-tel tour cancelled! what was britney thinking? knee injury forces brit to cancel the summer leg of the whore-tel tour.

duran duran to record a new album...

can't wait for the nba finals to be done with, & kobay's rape trial begins. sick of hearing the kobay, dr. phil, hot karl, etc crying on tv about how they are losing because the ref's aren't respecting them & giving them any calls. seems to me that they're losing because they didn't respect the pistons & assumed their experience would win this series. go toss the virtual salad, chelios stizz. tonight's game 5 prediction: pistons 82 lakers -74 (negative points? shaq goes bananaz in the 3rd & just keeps pushing the ball up through the bottom of the lakers' hoop over & over, deducting 2 points each time).

very slow news day & very bad day at work. durst lumber revealed.

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