Tuesday, June 15, 2004

roll call... 

unfortunately for blogger villa, damore wasn't able to attend the franzia ferdinand show in the d last night. as much as i was psyched about the opportunity to throw eggs & bags of wine at the talentless d-nozzles up on stage, the pistons game took priority. i also wasn't thrilled at the prospect of trying to explain to my boss this morning why i would be late to work due to an arrest. he probably would've seen it on nme.com before i would've got to make my 1 phone call anyway. lousy sunday concerts.

i think this is the most appropriate headline ever-- papa roach commits 'murder' this september...w/ the release of their 3rd major label lp.

'did you just call me screech again?!'anyone want a.c. slater's leftover doritos? hottie ali landry has filed for divorce from the former 'saved by the bell' star. divorce papers filed by landry's attorneys cited, 'ms. landry was getting 'creeped out' by the frequency at which mr. lopez referred to her as 'screech' during intimate moments, showing evidence of his infidelity'. way too much info.

um, worst. the soon to be televised irreality back-alley abortion known as 'rock star' will be a try-out of sorts for a singing gig w/ inxs. i'm pretty sure i covered 'rock star' last week, but...i love old inxs as much as the next 80's child, but this band hasn't had any buzz since 'welcome to wherever you are'. 3 good songsmostly because one of the guy's on the album cover looks a bit like the 1992 me(when the album was released). auditions will cover 5 continents & the outcome will be recording a terrible album w/ the band & then a world tour playing sold-out back-alley's in a town near you. where will you find damore? in a hotel room, michael hutchenced, hanging naked by a nuse ending the torment this show/album/tour will cause.

earlier today the grizz revealed an email cancellation notice of courtney love's summer tour. mtv news cites cross-country 'legal woes' as the shotgun blast to the head (their words, not mine). here is the email:

From: bastard117@ticketbastard.com
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 1:11 PM

Hello, this is Ticketbastard Customer Service with an important alert regarding your upcoming event. Courtney Love, scheduled at Clutch Dursto's on Tues, July 6th, 2004 at 7:00pm has been cancelled. Your account has been issued a credit in the full amount of the ticket price and service charges. The $4.10 per order processing fee and any UPS or Ticketbast Delivery charges are non-refundable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our website at www.ticketbastard.com. Thank you for using Ticketbastard!

eph you & your non-refundable bullshit order processing fees & delivery charges!!!!!!!

just cos creed broke up doesn't mean scott stapp quit being a douchebag. he is suing a classy florida strip-club called 'diamond dolls' for playing 'my sacrifice' w/out paying the necessary licensing fees. listen a-hole, be glad your rubbish music is getting played at all. even mark slaughter is suing the club for playing slaughter's hit 'fly to the angels'. i won't even waste a 'dodgy' ref on your d-bag consortium of franzia.

mmm...sandwich of hottness>the best for last...final destination 3: the movie, is in the works. it would complete the highly successful & bestever trilogy. rumours i've read include it being shot in 3D, the setting being an amusement park, & kelly osbourne having a bit role in it. i'm all for kelly oz having a gruesome death in the movie. add paris hilton & the libertines as well. just bring back aj cook & don't kill her off. (linkage via nummer)

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