Friday, June 18, 2004

what can brown do for me?  

pete doherty found! he's in london now. he was in bangkok thailand, & was shipped via UPS back to great britain, after being inspected for ticks. the db went awol from rehab last week. sending pete there was the best idea w/ the worst possible outcome: he didn't o.d. & die & the libertines can still make awful awful music. what can brown do for you? return your lousy junkie bandmate to you in 1 day.

worst news ever. franzia ferdinand sold their millionth album copy worldwide. are there really that many people who bought into their pretentious dance rock craptravaganza hype? i'm embarrassed to be a blogger. you've lost your way blogger villa. for shame.

enough w/ shitty bands, & on to the best band going these days (in my mind). this is one perk to living in LA, no? idlewild to showcase new material in acoustic shows on july 5th & 6th at hotel cafe. maybe a certain LA blogger knows some details on release for album #4? this points to summer, but that sounds like dodgy info.

cheers bono! fight the power. bono vox (aka paul hewson aka u2 singer) rebelliously broke smoking ban in dublin restaurants & bars (& all places of work) at the tea room. the bar is in the clarence hotel, which is owned by u2. bono was hanging out w/ the chili peppers at the time. oh, he put out the cigarette & apologized for forgetting about the ban? no buzz.

when will reality show wizards listen? we don't need more industry 'behind-the-scenes' shows. the restaurant=worst. donald trump=worst. nascar drivers 360: worst. now a&e has joined the brain-dead irreality show scene. 'airline' is in the works, an unnecessary & labored look behind southwest airlines. job applicants have more than tripled since the show was announced.

yyyyyyyesssss! he hits it! marv albert gets canned as ny knicks broadcaster on the msg network. after 36 years, & an embarrassing cross-dressing scandal a few years ago, albert finally got tossed to the curb like tuesday's rubbish. i've never liked albert. so annoying.

what is going on in the music biz? lay-offs lay-offs lay-offs. after bmg slashed like 60% of their heads this week, warner brothers is expected to cut 50% of the maverick label's heads once they take over control. not good for workers.

last night i caught the hard lessons & the nice device at st andrews in the 'out of the garage festival'. it was poorly promoted for an all ages show, & unfortunately attendance was weak. fortunately, both bands played excellent sets. alicia gbur...er, gbest! both bands put on high energy sets, it's just unfortunate that zero promotional press was done to hype up the show. if you haven't heard of these bands, you will shortly. they are the next batch of bands to break into the pages of whatever music pub you read.

unlike every other rock band in the d, they actually have a different sound. i picked up the nice device's soon to be released ep, 'birth of a lover'. it's BEST. 4 tracks recorded w/ brendan benson, 3 tracks w/ jim diamond, & mixed by zach shipps. after paying their dues since last feb, this band is primed to storm stereos everywhere. alicia is everything karen o should be...great singer/song-writer, guitarist, stage presence, & hott. amplified buzz pop indeed. augie from the hard lessons revealed that they are recording an ep now, to be released later this year. a mix of new pornographers & detroit flavor rock. ko ko has an amazing voice & is quite the organ player. check out both band's web sites for more details.

billboard reveals that interpol's new album, 'antics', will be released by matador on sept 28th. i remember hearing 2 new tracks last september on their tour, & they will be revealing more of 'antics' when they play the curiosa festival mainstage this summer. here is the track listing as it stands:
next exit
take you on a cruise
slow hands
not even jail
public pervert
length of love
a time to be so small

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