Thursday, March 11, 2004

drive-by ramblings 

admittedly i'm very behind on current events/pop culture. most of what i know is learned by checking out other blogs like whatevsdotorg, sosayeththepeabs, oldhag, ilb, tr janelle, etc. however it never seems to be enough. some recent revelations have made me really start thinking that i'm stale (other than trying to creatively cover a few emerging grey hair w/ highlights):

1.) jc chasez--when i heard that he was going to perform at the superbowl, i was thinking that the name was a bad typo. my brain was thinking that the boxer julio caesar chavez was going to perform a song & then box 3 local hobo's there after. no bs. who knew chasez was a former nsynch'er? which one was he anyway?… the fat one, or the one w/ scraggily hair+facial hair…it doesn’t matter.

2.) hip hop really isn't my thing either. i don’t have a problem w/ it, it’s cool, i just don’t listen to it. when the snl pre-view from the duo bka nummer/h-bomb revealed kelis to be musical guest on snl w/ the annoying chick from will & grace, my 1st response was who-tf is kelis? ‘you know, the milkshake song’. um, no, never heard of it, & why’s there a song about milkshakes? they’re good & all, but deserving of a song? blizzards, aces full.
dairy queen blizzards...SFB!

apparently this song is/was played everywhere blah blah blah. as of today i still haven’t heard this song. one day this facto may be displayed as a badge of honor in the National Archive in dc honoring me as the only american (of this generation) to have never seen titanic & never heard the milkshake song. magic 8-ball?…not ephing likely. damn

absopure’ly mmmmbest

-why is former game show host chuck woolery doing tv spots for absopure water? I laughed for at least 2 min straight after seeing this last night. must have had a premonition cos I just started using the term ‘absopure’ly’ a few day’s ago.

absopurely mmmmBEST!

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