Wednesday, March 31, 2004

i picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue 

-another great line from letterman last night: 'if you're keeping score at home that's courtney love: 2, janet jackson: 1'

ah, glue...my one weakness, my achilles heal if you will
not much of a post today, i'm slammed. must say, dcfc show was excellent & it was fun hanging out w/ seantizz & lembeck at the show. dcfc went through mostly transatlanticism/photo album, & a early tracks (at least 1 from something about airplanes). for what i saw of them, they were great. i literally got something like 10 calls from work on my cell w/ an 'emergency' sitch. the production at the plant was running out of glue sticks. i shit you not. glue sticks for hot glue guns. anyway, i missed ~half their 50min set because of that, not seeing more than 10min of it uninterupted.

anyway, a funny story from the show is that i was getting all these work calls, & trying to find someplace quiet to talk/hear. i kinda spaced-out after having two $6.50 beers. so i'm on the phone & walk into the bathroom. someone tries to interupt me & i still am not really paying attention to them. then she says, 'what the hell are you doing in the women's bathroom?!'. i'm like 'sorry, it's an emergency call & it's quieter than the men's room'. i was pretty embarassed but i think i played it well. maybe not.

$6.50 beers & $3 waters=no buzz. some say the auto industry has even less buzz. bhears.

-be sure to check out dwinkerswinkers today--uncle grambo fields fly balls re: blogs, whatevs, pop culture, bynes & brit.

-later today, i'll post the pre-OC AP & USA Today No Buzz polls-'The Nana'.

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