Wednesday, March 17, 2004


sorry for the oc oliver ref in the title, but i totally forgot that today is the best ephing day in a long time, possibly ev's. st paddy's day? nope. whacking day? no sir. arbor day? get bent.
shu shu shaking! rooney!!!!

today marks the return of (some say) the greatest band ev's to play the royal oak music theatre, to rock all of your fine asses!
rooney, sh sh sh shakin stizz? um, not so much. hello, i'm talking about better than ezra. i'm embarassed to admit that i did buy their cd 'deluxe' when it got all that airplay in 94 w/ 'good'. they're bringing all their buzz-free songs you've never heard (except that one), & will no doubt be dipping into their last album, 'closer'. to which i say, 'no no no. no new crap. play taking care of business now! get to the working overtime part!'. they'll be rocking it, leprechaun in the hood stizz. sfb!

better than leprechaun genitals

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