Tuesday, March 23, 2004

lousy smarch madness 

if you can believe it, my ncaa tourney brackets have even less buzz than my blog. i'm a bit crestfallen, especially for so early in the week & tourney. i'm getting stomped in the gorilla's sapporo mini-6-pack challenge, & the leafblower's bloggerverse tourney challenge. my only shot at a decent placing was if kentucky had won it all. uab, are you ephing kidding me? curse you ashley judd & tubby smith--go toss the virtual salad. duke's a lock to win it all. as much as i dislike all of the nba soft-serve duke, well, serves up, mike 'sha-shef-ski' flat out wins like the gorilla likes to be quoted on blogs. jason williams= soft & terrible, elton brand= soft, laettner=brandon walsh, g hill's ankles=snuggle softhurley= died in car crash, battier= wrinkled dome-wtf?, grant hill= snuggle soft, thomas hill= double-quilted charmin soft, blah blah blah.

relax leafblower, i'm just joking. although soft, & not so good in the pro's, duke players can serve a purpose--being ncaa champs much more frequently than my spartans. cheers
damore's bracket sucks man
the gorilla had this to say (in his best scotty nguyen voice) regarding his mini sapporo (4.3 oz cans) tourney challenge: 'damore f*cking sucks. he's in like 100th place in my pool. his picks are even shittier than his shitty blog! we'll play cards now.' gotta admit, he does a good scotty impression & he did have my # on those two. he also added, 'sapporo mini cans, for people who like to drink 2 beers w/ the convenience of opening 6 cans'. he did actually say this. best

i only have 8 teams left in the sweet 16, & 3/4 left for the final 4. it couldn't be much worse though, EVEN if i had uncle grambo's tourney brackets. he'll still finish ahead of me if duke wins it all. mmmmWORST.

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