Wednesday, March 24, 2004


look at my eyebrows when i'm talking to you
if you don't like the oc, i suggest you skip this post, & maybe my 'site' altogether. there are many good choices to choose from to the left, some even w/ news & celeb buzz. today is the long-awaited return of the oc, a 3 week gap caused by adam brody's 3 week rehab hiatus.

maybe it's just me, but sandy cohen needs to have more scenes. he's the 2nd best character on the show fcs. every time i see that mr deeds is playing skinamax i laugh my ass off (not because the movie is funny, obvs it isn't). those eyebrows...classic. i gotta believe that jimmy cooper is going to totally screw him over once the restaurant is up & running. hopefully sandy cohenbest has hair-net face masks in the newport kitchen.

i think most people will agree that summer roberts is the top character on the show. sfbovs. so much depth to this seemingly shallow vixen. cordy on btvs was just a bitch throughout her gig, it wasn't until her move to buffy spin-off, angel, where she morphed into a real person. summer still has that bitchy exterior, but shows glimpses of the good person she really is. if you say, seth cohen, for shame. he has too many lines now, he's like kramer from seinfeld...better in smaller doses. definitely more sandy & summer needed, less chino boy/coop/julie cooper.

summer bestevs

below you will find the Official Pre-No Buzz OC List for 'The LA'

3/24/04 USA Today (compiled by retrobuzz)

1) julie cooper (58) - banging your daughter's recent ex-boyfriend? you're so walmarts!
2) chino boy (51) - trying to shield coop from julie/luke's affair. sounds like you're going to take her back after all?
3) marissa (coop) (39) - sure to be tons of crying, pills, & alcohol once she discovers that her mom's sleeping w/ her ex. more od's & therapy sessions to come.
4) kate (31) WORST! this is who chino boy should move away w/ to la.
5) grady (24) - so you were in a movie a couple years ago by a similar name. you shouldn't be on the real oc, db.
*1st place pre-votes indicated in parenthesis

3/24/04 AP Poll (compiled by buddis)

1) Caleb (53) Man of the Year my ass.
2) Chino (52) 122 more scowls and you may remain atop the no buzz list forever.
3) Anna (41) Who leaves The OC?
4) Marrissa (Coop) (36) Eat something.
5) Julie Cooper (21) Luke? Honestly.
*1st place pre-votes indicated in parenthesis

thanks to the grizz for this wicked hott buzz...no orgasms this season of the oc. mmmmWORST! i'm lazy, so i don't have the link, but here's the piece.

//Censors Clamp Down on "O.C."// (Hollywood)
(c) 2004, Los Angeles Times

HOLLYWOOD ... In the wake of Janet Jackson's Super Bowl incident, Fox has asked "The O.C." creator Josh Schwartz to tone the show down, insisting that Marissa and Ryan not have sex this season. Off-limits too is some double-entendre dialogue that once sailed past Fox's censors.

"It's kind of scary what's going on now," Schwartz says. Supervising producer Stephanie Savage wrote one scene in which Summer, trying to come on to Seth, promised him: "You don't even have to do anything. You can just lie there like a buffet, and I can serve myself." When the episode was broadcast, all Summer was allowed to say was: "You don't even have to do anything." Fox also nixed Summer's first orgasm -- she will have to wait until next season, or beyond.

worst...fox is so f'ing lame, but yet still sfb at the same time.

last & most importantly, check out dwinkerswinkers brand new buzz cola web site. SO MUCH BUZZ!!

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