Monday, March 15, 2004

no buzz list  

1.) the blogger wars--far, far worse than the last 2 star wars movies combined, jar jar binks stizz. the lit's vs the rockers? sounds like a horrible sequel to the outsiders. less buzz than us indoor soccer matches. no one cares about your upcoming book deal, the crappy bands you're friends' w/ or promoting, or what have you. i'm getting recruited heavily by the nyc lit bloggers, as well as the nyc music bloggers who routinely devote their entire day to blowing the strokes. in fact, my inbox is full of nothing but recruiting letters. my choice? whoever sucks damore's d the best, that's his team---& by team i mean that you blow me, i still don't join up on your side, & just keep making fun of you. mmmmWORST

2.) fox2 problem solvers team--somebody get these reporters off my ass. a restraining order request was filed this morning by my attorney, sam bernstein

3.) white stripes (not the band, but the std)--i just contracted the 2nd known case of the std called 'white stripes' i think it was amber, maybe heather, or was it kat that gave me it? seers, it looks like a huge candy-cane. reaction from the docs' at st. john's hospital: 'sorry...we think you're f*cked'. not even condoms can protect you from 'white stripes'.

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