Friday, March 26, 2004

no buzz polls 

thanks, i got my dress at walmarts

3/25/04 USA Today No Buzz Poll - The OC- post 'The LA'
(compiled by retrobuzz)

1) Kate (68) - paris hilton...so walmarts
2) Julie Cooper (51) - soon to be banging caleb's old bones again. ew!
3) Chino Boy (50) - anymore scowls & i'm going to make your murder look like a suicide
4) Marissa (Coop) (42) - your mom slept w/ your ex-ex boyfriend...get over it w/ some tastey bon-bon's.
5) Grady (21)- douchebag

*1st place pre-votes indicated in parenthesis

3/25/04 AP No Buzz Poll - The OC- post 'The LA'
(compiled by buddis)

1) Coop (71) - That heart shirt puts the whore in horrible
2) Chino (48) - Ultimatums, brooding looks and more fights.
3) Grady (42) - The worst thing about The Valley.
4) Hailey (34) - No one cares about you, go back to stripping
5) Seth (29)- Talk less.

*1st place post-votes indicated in parenthesis

polls agree on a top5 rank of chino, coop, & grady. USA Today pollsters could not overlook the worst cameo since rooney was featured---> paris hilton. the most unness appearance ev's. julie cooper--so, so worst. not nearly half the milf that mrs cohen is. the AP pollsters i'm sure were scratching their head's as to why hailey needed to return back from the strip club. what's next, oliver moves back to the oc this summer to teach a gun safety night class? or anna coming back to oc to break up seth/summer's 6 month aniversary of going steady? i don't think the AP'ers liked seth's 200 lines in this ep, although most were funny. i think it was a case of od'ing. well that & he was digging on that slut 'kate'.

once you leave the oc, you're not welcome back. i'm looking your way theresa & eddie. why won't you listen & just leave the show for good?

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