Friday, March 26, 2004

the oc top lines from 'the la' 

1.) chino boy- 'sooo, did you have sex w/ julie cooper today?'

2.) sandy- 'well you're really not so good at managing the money, are you coop?'

3.) seth- 'i heard some really, really aweful music, i knew it could only be self-indulgent actors w/ instruments'

4.) seth- 'clean slate chino boy, finally you have no woman to protect from finely goatee factory workers, or pill-popping manic depressives'

5.) luke- 'shouldn't he be washing his dentures or something...you're just using me, until grandpa came back!'

6.) seth- 'maybe they're not having sex...maybe they just go to a motel to spoon & watch 'charlie rose'

7.) kate- 'orange county...ew!!'

8.) summer- 'i mean nothing you can tell us could top this'

9.) seth- 'no, it's cool, i got more questions'

10.) sandy- 'the town will steal your soul...'

honorable mentions
jimmy- 'happy place, happy place, happy place'
sandy- no, this is my happy place, it's my oasis from the rich & sufferable'
seth- 'i'm working on the business plan, & that's gonna be awesome. god it's so easy'
grady- 'we're gonna make the golden girls young & hot'

hey chino, did coop just puke on your airwalks?

i watched this ep twice last night. 1st time was just to watch, 2nd was to jot down the one-liners. it was a sharpie marker, so some words were pretty indistinguishable. that plus a few ginger ales. obvs. seth cohen is pretty funny, but he's getting too many lines in every show now. he's better in lower dosages. chino boy went from batman to robin pretty quickly, & vice-versa, for cohen--fred savage/judge rheinhold stizz. i thought what worked best was cohen in the supporting actor role. but then again, chino is a terrible lead actor, so there goes that theory.

this ep was probably the best since 'chrimakkah'. as good as this show is, not sure why they can't score good cameos. a tru davies goes to the oc would be absopure'ly mmmmBEST. coop dies, asks tru for help, day starts ove's, tru doesn't save her because she's sick of her too. mr. fox, if you're reading this, take note, this idea is gold.

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