Tuesday, March 30, 2004

old-man stink! 

bret hart sues lloyds of london for $2.2mills for career-ending concussion suffered in 99 at the foot of goldberg. wrestling blogs...is there anything better? i still love the simpson's ep when mr burns goes broke & the hit man goes to buy his house, & the shrieking shiek lives in the neighborhood.
Old-man Stink: Mr. Burns goes broke and is forced to sell his mansion. One of the potential buyers? None other than wrestler Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

Real Estate Agent: And, I'm sure a pro-wrestler such as yourself will appreciate all the closet space, Hitman.
Bret: Eww. This place has got old-man stink!
Burns: Ooh.
Smithers: Don't listen to him, sir. You've got an enchanting musk.

The agent also reminds Bret that he isn't the only wrestler in the neighborhood -- the Shrieking Sheik lives just three doors down.

i'm excited for tonight's deathcab/ben kweller show in royal oak. i've only heard the rumors that folds & kweller have a bet going that they will be able to recruit ben gibbard to join 'the bens' (along w/ ben lee). maybe it's already been announced & i'm way behind & this is stale buzz. hopefully some details will be revealed tonight, or backblog style.

in the holy shit, i was so wrong dept: scooby-doo 2 kills lady killers, jesus henry christ, zombies, & a new jersey girl at the box office. $29.3mills over the weekend. when you're wrong, you're just plain wrong. it must have been the incredible acting of one matthew lillard. strong showing doesn't mean it was good, but i was expecting a children of the corn 8 type of debut.

in the 'no shit dumbass dept', it's great to again hear moz on the radio. even 89x is giving the new single 'Irish Blood, English Heart' strong air play. it sounds like the mozzer is back rambo 1st blood stizz. very rocking, hasn't lost a step. i'm very jealous of the lucky folks in nyc (not to mention la) who will be blessed w/ 5 shows in harlem at the apollo. cheers!

be sure to check the exclusive interview on dwinkerswinkers featuring uncle grambo from whatevs. i haven't seen the article yet, but rumor has it that it's cherry buzz cola in fountain form. mmmmBEST!

lastly, as clarification, the franz ferdinand 'no buzz' bit i posted yesterday was dark humor. a bit of a caricature if you will. i don't think you suck if you like ff, & i don't think your music taste sucks if you like ff. if you do, sweet. if not, sweet. arguing about bands has no buzz, so i probably have negative buzz. for the record, i like the following similar music: rapture, longwave, stellastarr*, walkmen, elefant, strokes, interpol.

if you took it as a dig on you, that wasn't the intent. it's kind of a pitchfork parody where they shit on anything w/ buzz because it's too popular. so i think that ff is shit--not my cup of tea. who ephing cares what i think? only me. bad taste, kwobvs. anyway, hope this help explain the basis. that being said i should stiil prob watch out for oj knives at coach. if you're out there in ps for it, we'll drink a big 40, & just party, deputy winston stizz. i've said it before & it won't be the last time, this site is all bs.

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