Thursday, March 11, 2004

pick & mix 

in the 2 day's since this website has been up & running, the emails having been flowing in steadily w/ some questions/comments from early visitors. well not really. ok, just a few here & there. what follows is a taste of the q's & a's.

Q: From strokesfan138@aol.com
Your site has 'no buzz'. Boring. The Strokes are the best band in the world. Room on Fire was a top 5 album in 2003, & their RoF tour was even better. Wake up & smell the 'buzz'.

Julian & co would totally bitch smack you for such blasphemy.

A: From retrobuzz1977@yahoo.com
thanks for the feedback. i'll certainly not argue on the front that my site lacks buzz. it does, which makes me all the more qualified to judge that merry band of pussbags are deserved of a no buzz brand. we smell our own, get it? i liked is this it? alot. i still like the strokes, but room on fire is nothing but glorified b-sides from is this it?. i'll take the walkmen or brmc anyday.

trust me when i say that getting roughed up by the strokes is my last concern--those guy's would get tossed out by the mindless strap-on's in starsailor faster than mischa's barfin purges a mini rice cake. cheers

Q: From lotrfreak011@comcast.net
Retrobuzz, I'm confused. Is this site supposed to be a joke? It lacks a stylish design, a comments/feedback interface, links to anything else, pictures, any remotely interesting content, and so on. Any response?

A: From retrobuzz1977@yahoo.com
mr. frodo, no, it's not supposed to be a joke. i spent ~30 minutes getting the site created & making my 1st post on tues. i don't own a computer/digicam (i'm at the public library as i type this), didn't do much research on how to improve the content experience yet, & don't have any programming skills.

it's a stripped-down approach to a blog. thus the retrobuzz title. hopefully things will be up to your high quality standards by smarch. thanks for checking the site out.

Q: From smiley81@netzero.com
Retrobuzz, I think I know what you mean by 'retrobuzz', but what is it's orgin as it relates to your web site? I need some help understanding the connection. Thanks

A: From retrobuzz1977@yahoo.com
smiley81, i'm sure the term has been floating around for years. the story goes that i started using 'retrobuzz' last summer after going to the tastefest in detroit to see guster's set. got drunk at the show, threw an improvised post-party at my flat, got black-out drunk, & started slurring the phrase 'retrobuzz/so much retrobuzz' over & over to some friends, etc.

since then, i use it to describe things that have an old flavor, but still hold the same original buzz, or more in some cases. everyday examples of retrobuzz: the puke green color appliances, flared or belled jeans/pants, a cute girl sporting a jean jacket (=mmmmBEST), anything corduroy, orange crush or shasta sodas, puma, beatles-esque do's w/ sideburns, etc. if you can buy it at urban outfitters, it likely has no retrobuzz (except puma). seers & cheers.

that's all for now. until mon-yana. we'll go climb a rock.

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