Thursday, March 18, 2004

put this in your pipe & smoke it! 

so much mystery buzz!!

i received an anonymous email this am. what follows is an official press release containing the details on the buzz hitting the web next weds 3/24/04. so much mystery buzz! mmmmbest

DwinkersWinkers.com Drops Seven Days from Now at an Internet Near You!

Famed and mysterious candy mogul, David J. Winkers is proud to present the launch of www.dwinkerswinkers.com, like most of his products over the years his website is an interesting, yet tasty combination of the best things.

Preview audiences are raving about the site:

"It's a cross between a blog, The Onion and Homestar Runner! I can't wait for the next update!"

"The minute to minute show reviews are the best thing I've ever seen on this crazy world wide web!"

"David J. can do no wrong, I love his candy and I love this site!"

Dwinkerswinkers.com preimere issue will launch on Wednesday, March 24, 2004 in conjuction with the return of 22nd episode of The OC*. The site will feature updates on Tuesday's and Thursday's from henceforth, featuring pop culture commentary by David J. and his employees.

Check out dwinkerswinkers.com next Wednesday, for all your world wide web entertainment needs!

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