Tuesday, March 30, 2004

qwiki mart 

how worst was janet's appearance on letterman last night? 1st off, she came out in full-on cleavage w/ a very revealing low-cut red dress w/ fully exposed mid-riff w/ a silver picture frame around her navel area. also the sides of the dress were cut-out. her attire alone begged the questions to be asked. why dress so provocatively on the late show if you didn't didn't want to be asked about it? good question.

letterman was sfbest, he just kept hammering at her about the 'malfunction' & whether it was intended or not, & how she didn't know about. was it that timberlake's fault, mtv, etc? she kept insisting that it was 'an accident' & not planned. dumbass, why not just say you made a bad judgement call, apologize, & it's end of story, no where to go. she was pissed off at dave for the asking of so many questions about it. um, you caused the biggest stir in the media, congress is still having hearings over it. obvs it's a big deal.

dave, listened to her pleas, then he changed the topic to jacko. has jacko gone wacko? what was britney thinking? is demi moore ready to be mrs. kutcher?
look at my boobs

she became visibly po'ed again & said she couldn't talk about it. she even said she admired herself for having her mom's strength to get through these difficult times, as if she didn't bring it all upon herself. what a helpless victim, acting like someone close to her had died or something. for shame.

finally dave was like, well what do YOU want to talk about? i think they talked about her new crappy album for 1-2min. can't remember, didn't really care much about that.

your album is going to flop, bill laimbeer stizz. your hosting gig on snl is going to be the WORST. good luck w/ that if you couldn't make it through 15 min on letterman.


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