Wednesday, March 17, 2004

retro-flavored haterade 

thus far, hate mail is up ~200% day-over-day, & death-threats are up 85% since monday. feedback has been from one extreme form of anger to the other, less anger. it's not my intent to piss people off, nor is it fun.

~98% of what i write is complete bs. this post is not in that 98% #. retrobuzz (the blog) is supposed to be dark humor, or as some have dubbed it, hilariousy un-funny poor satire. if you even see my blog it's likely that you & i like ~90% of the same things. my apologies if anything i've written has rubbed you the wrong way, or you flat-out just think it's garbage writing. i can't do much about the latter, it (garbage writing) is kind of my style.

sincere thanks for taking the time to provide any/all feedback. good or bordering on death threat'ish, it IS appreciated.


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