Friday, March 12, 2004

tons o' retrobuzz 

last night damore was hanging w/ uncle grumbo (of whatevs.org fame) & mike (aka kegzies of glamorama fame) at the magic stick to catch the church & opener sea ray. absopure'ly tru hottness. growing up in the 80's, i've been a fan of the church & the dark, hushed vocals of steve kilbest since 1st hearing 'starfish' in 88.

the land down under hasn't been a haven for great bands. there's ac/dc, inxs (pre-92), & the church. silverchair can go toss the virtual salad, even if their anorexic db frontman has married the tastey natalie imbruglia. men at work, they're ped's. the church never received their due, aside from of their modest '88-'92 success in the states. unfortunate, but they're up there w/ new order, echo, cure, depeche mode, smiths, xtc (in my mind).

after a few pints & a slice, we went upstairs to catch sea ray. a brooklyn based sextet, featuring 2 guitarists, bass/drums/keys, & a cellist slightly resembling jennifer garner. their 2003 lp 'stars at noon' is unlike the standard issue nyc band record. it actually has retrobuzz, sounding like symphonic space rock pop. something like if jason pierce made a more radio-friendly album. revelry & lalaland are 2 of their best songs i'm sure you'll start hearing more on college radio soon. their set was solid, & they were pretty cool.

long story shortened...the church were ephing mmmmBEST. mostly new material--'forget yourself' is a great album, their best in years. they did pull out some hits & even a few songs i wasn't familiar with. blew the surprisingly dense crowd away w/ a wall of psych rock. the church helped shape the current state of retrobuzz.

no time for love dr. jones. i'll post later about the post show events--the scores of hotties dancing to the sounds of the dj consortium, & the fox2 problem solvers ambush.

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