Thursday, March 18, 2004

tru buzz 

nice to meet you, i thought you died in a car crash

me no function beer well w/out


tired & groggy on post st pad's day. absopure'ly WORST. like damore, most of you likely woke up late & arrived to work tardy, not to mention retarded. while i can only speak for this cubicle, but today is quite poss the least productive day of the year in offices across the us. this should cheer you up...
best show ever
tonight is the long awaited return of new ep's of Tru Calling on Fox. so much buzz. brandon walsh (jack) joins the cast working at the morgue w/ tru davies (dushku). still sporting the 90210 do, retrobuzz...not so much. now dylan doing coke & heroin then shagging brenda...that's tru retrobuzz.

spoilers reveal that her boyfriend luc (who blows) gets killed off in this ep, & tru decides not to save him when she re-lives the day. maybe i just made that up. side note: who spells 'luke' w/ a 'c' anyway? luc robitaille. worst. your wife stacia is hott, but seers, her album has no buzz. must have been such a bummer to move from la to detroit a couple years ago & try to launch a music career while your husband tries to win a stanley cup. sfbovs.

my life in the d, was a tragic comedy

anyway, tv just hasn't been the same since the oc & tru calling last sported new ep's. thursdays have been blah. since no one who watches tru calling will see this page, i think this is the ep where tru's dad & step-mom visit, her step-mom is murdered, & tru discovers the same man who killed her mom has now off'ed her step-mom. in both cases the killer was paid by tru's dad. makes for some gooood watchin'. i think there's a good chance tc will get renewed for a second season. it's averaging ~4mil viewers/ep. maybe a certain girl (i'm looking your way foxy j) in bloggerville has some info?

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