Tuesday, March 16, 2004

tuesday's, only slightly better than monday's 

nba press conferences would be zero fun w/out alan iverson. this guy went off (again), while coming back from injury, his coach had him in the 6th man role. very similar to his rant against larry brown 2 yrs ago--'we ain't talking about a game, we talking about practice'.

alan at times is like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum, but he works as hard as anyone in the league. he just doesn't understand that his team has millions of $ invested in him. no iverson=no butts in seats in phily

steroids blah blah blah, i'm hoping to see this in '04 MLB

1.) yankees have best record ever, get knocked out of the ALCS by the angels/twins, or better yet in the world series by the cubbies. i would love to see the evil empire go ring-less for the duration of a-rod's career there. maddux returning to the cubs was best off-season news. go cubs! boston winning the ws would end their right to be tortured fans--it's part of their culture. we all feel bad for sox fans. 2 pat's superbowls in 3 yrs should ease the pain a little in sept/oct.

2.) the tigers are competitive in the 4 home games i attend this year. prediction, probably not. pudge will no-doubt get hurt & barely play the next 4 years. that's detroit's luck. we trade away emerging stars or we pick up stars past their prime, & they fade away on the disabled list.

3.) a salary cap implemented that actually means a cap. nfl--- no guarenteed contracts, real salary caps, so much parity, so much better than any other pro sport. if you don't like a player's performance vs pay, you can cut them.

maybe it's just me, but...

-this season of the simpsons has been among their best ever. every episode has been 'mr.plow' caliber.

-didn't 'mona lisa smile' just hit movie theatres like yesterday (well, late dec)? now it's already on dvd. has julia roberts lost it? um, no.

-despite all of the high school players skipping college, early departures, march madness is still the best sporting event/s going. where else is guessing more reliable than knowledge when picking winners? it's always the 50 yr old office admin asst who wins the pool by picking the best mascots.

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