Thursday, April 01, 2004

1 thought per minute 

the oc-'the nana'

1. what's this...is the oc an all collage retrospectve look-back ep? eddie punches chino into a pool, cohen/chino discover luke/julie's affair, jimmy rescues hailey from a strip club...wait, it's just the 'previously on the oc' beginning clips.
2. j coop asks seth/luke to leave her/chino alone: what, are you going to eph chino now?
3. chino re: coop's whereabouts from her vmail: 'she's somewhere no one would think to look for her'? um, a restaurant.
4. chino- 'not if i find her 1st'. are you back in 4th grade watching 'stand by me' a la 'see you later...not if i see you 1st'
5. phantom planet...used to be so good, what happened?
6. wtf is bob dylan doing in a victoria secret comercial?
7. cohen: don't use abreevs like R.A. & G.P., they have no buzz
8. retro- luke is a bully again & cohen is back to loser
9. hailey makes a nice breakfast, but no freebie lap-dances? c'mon!
10. hailey searching for restaurant jobs: hooters is hiring, or you can just ruin the lighthouse.
11. summer- sfb! anna+summer>cohen+summer
12. cohen- you blow, summer should drop your ass
13. josh schwartz- what have you done? you ruined sandy in this ep.
die nana die!!
14. nana appears, says 'hello', & i already want her dead.
15. nana to hailey: 'you, i don't know'. obvs, the strung-out call girl stripper.
16. oliver mentioned- chino talked to natalie, the hotel concierge? like she & ollie were tight. makes sense.
17. chino figures out where coop is hiding. get real, he's not so smart. she's in chino, home of cheap crank/pills, & where tricks pay well.
18. uh, why would coop go to that girl's house that chino slept w/ like a week ago, not to mention 500 times prior?
19. theresa & eddie- so walmarts!
20. chino at theresa's- why can't chino pick which awful girl he wants?
21. no fight yet, decent start.
22. cohen- um, why do you care what nana thinks about summer? you're dating summer, who cares what grandma thinks, she'll be dead soon anyway.
23. summer, so hott.
24. someone please dirty bomb this party.
25. coop to chino- 'then why are you here?!' uh, i could ask you the same thing coop.
26. jimmy no doubt was hoping hailey brought a basket of s&m goodies (hand-cuffs, whips, chains, strap-ons, etc), not a basket of cookies/cup-cakes & pasta.
27. now coop's dad is gay? i'm confused, i thought that it was luke's dad.
28. hailey, yes, no one cares about you. now leave newport.
29. chino- 'i'm not going back to newport w/o you.' coop-'well good, then you're staying too.' yes, please stay in chino.
30. nana drops the lung cancer bomb- i laugh & have a cigarette.
31. eddie & his menudo crew of douchebags- do all chino db's wear sam walton wife-beaters?
32. coop- 'we need to get some alcohol...(& clean this arm up)'- you lush, can't you stop thinking about booze for like 5 secs?
33. luke/julie coop make ME want to puke up all MY meals.
34. nana's pretty cool- smoking in the backyard.
35. worst engagement party ever. barbed-wire fencing, coop, theresa, the ghetto n'synchers, a giant parrot on a tree perch. where's the boones & MD 20/20?
throw cohen in the dumpster
36. coop & theresa=best friends. makes sense.
37. cohen- the rooney poster takes major points away from having a dcfc poster.
38. toooo much chino/coop. worst drama scene ever. bad tantrum/crying, even as fox dramas go.
39. luke/coop- um, coop, you & luke fell-out last summer in TJ. so he slept w/ your mom? at least he didn't sleep w/ your dad.
40. funny, i thought coop's arm would break slapping luke's face.
41. theresa sure has a deep voice.
42. no nana, go back to nyc for treatments. then die.
43. jimmy really wants to get laid...hailey is so easy.
44. worst episode ever.

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