Thursday, April 08, 2004

another blanking list 

4/07/04 USA TODAY Pre-No Buzz Poll - The OC ''The Proposal"
1) Luke (75)- so what if caleb proposes to julie coop. get over it, it's not worth wrapping your pick-up around a tree.
1) Coop (75)- maybe coop will be in luke's truck when it crashes, or least be what he hits w/ his truck. 
1) Chino (75)- die! die! die! chino boy.
4) Julie Cooper (25)- go ahead, marry caleb, nobody cares.
5.) Jimmy Cooper (19)- you're dragging down the good cohen. staying in newport, not such a good idea.

the AP pollsters appear to be bored & frustrated by the lagging plots the past couple weeks, as evidenced by their voting boycott. the USA Today pollsters are obviously sick of the entire coop family, chino, & luke. the comments on their ballots get more angry each week. a 3-way tie for 1st-place is unprecedented in the pre-show polls.

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