Thursday, April 08, 2004

around the horn 

brothers gonna work it outafter years of my non-stop complaining, some of my advertising friends finally got their shite together. w/in a span of one week, i see two comercials featuring great songs. ephing music, man! the 1st was some gm spute vehicle for chevy (i think) where some db is playing 'tag' w/ a cheetah in africa or something. the song is chem bros 'leave home' from exit planet dust. a 9 yr old track. best.
then over the weekend i see a kawasaki comercial for motorcycles featuring curve's 'chinese burn'. not since btvs season 3 ep 'bad girls' have i heard this played on tv. you know, the ep where buffy & faith dance together at the bronze. so hott, mmmmBEST!

keep up the good work. if the songs had not been good, i wouldn't have even remembered what the commercials were for. maybe i'll take off early today & buy a crappy gm spute vehicle & a kawasaki crotch rocket bike. um, not so much. i don't agree that bands are 'sell-outs' if they sell the rights to use their songs for comercial purposes. bands like the shins & pas/cal made some well needed/deserved money from selling their song rights to mcdonalds, & brendan benson did for saturn.
...this is music. this is music. from somewhere in the middle of fookin paris
however, i didn't like it when michael jackson sold the rights' to the beatles' 'revolution' to nike in the 80's, & hated it when the stones sold the rights' to the verve's 'bitter sweet symphony' to nike in 98. ashcroft was so pissed off about that, he mentioned it at alot of shows back in 98. i didn't like those 2 examples because the artist wasn't the one w/ controlling rights to the songs.

detroit sports, is there anything better going these days? tigers are off to an incomprehensible 3-0 start. against the blue jays no less. today is opening day at comerica park against the twins. wish i had the day off work to go get drunk at the game, but what you gonna do. red wings got their act together & for the 1st time in 3 years, won't lose the opening 2 home games in the 1st round. manny legace looked great in the 3-1 win over nashville. eph cujo, it's all about manny.

if anyone in the d is going to see brmc (& the rapture) at the majestic tonight, pre-show plans are to meet up at the garden bowl for drinks.

seacrest out.

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