Thursday, April 29, 2004

california... california!! 

well, off to the la in a couple hours. no guest blogger for this site, mostly cos i can't line one up, the 4 people who read my site will be at coachella this weekend w/ me, & 4 people read my site. anyway, i just took my final exam in my creative writing class at grosse pointe community college, & it's time to party. what? yes, i took a creative writing class by night taught by the tastey lisa schell. actually the reason i started this blog was to get credit for assignments/projects & such. much like you, she wasn't a big fan of mine. i scored a b- as a final grade. her comments included '...you have very poor punctuation (all lowercase characters) & use numerous made-up words. Your distaste with so many topics is also troubling. However, I will say the writing content was quite creative, even if I couldn't understand much of it.'


anyway, off to cali w/ uncle grambo, where we will be mtg up w/ kerry at so says i & jess at the blueprint. we going to party retrobuzz stizz hanging in the green room tonight on kimmel's show. maybe vanessa marcil is into douchebag guys w/ shitty blogs? i for one am hoping so. & snow patrol will be best.

tomorrow we meet up w/ peabs & dirty mckean in palm springs, where we will be attending the diesel/filter mag pre-coach party. so much ephing oc buzz i'm about to od on the hottness. i'm guessing all of the oc cast will be there, bilson/brody/chino/mischas barfin/schwartz/etc. sfb! postal service mystery buzz as well. topps.

saturday, the best lawn ever will be revealed at the polo. sat night i'm told a hott party is also in the cards featuring people much cooler than i. can't wait to see r-head & the cure.

why is beck playing again at coach? he's got no buzz anymore. hopefully it's nothing but nothing from sea changes played.

best week(end) ever!


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