Friday, April 02, 2004

chris cheliblos 

so damore was having a rough morning today. running low again on glue sticks, i had to run to joann fabrics to buy 100 sticks to cover production. i decided to take a more scenic route to avoid bridge traffic on i75. i went downtown on fort street to take the lodge to i94. some douchebag driving like an ephing tourist is in the wrong lane, & w/out signaling, proceeds to cut me off to make the turn. this db had illinois plates on his 1950-something whatever. let's call it a mint black studebaker (sp?), which has like zero retrobuzz. i lay on the horn for like 5 seconds, giving the 'wtf yell w/ arms in the air'.

we both turn, he gets in the middle lane, he then realizes he again is in the wrong lane, needing to get in my lane to enter the freeway. he starts drifting over (again w/ no turn signal), to the point i thought he's gonna to hit my ghetta. i honk for like 5 secs again. he takes exception, gets back in the middle lane & stops next to me. he rolls down his window & starts yelling at ME saying 'you fucking dumbass! can't you see my fucking turn signals asshole?!' the nerve. so i roll down my passenger window & say 'fuck you, you fucking douche! you fucking suck, chris chelios!! your car has NO retrobuzz asshole!'.
yes, the douchebag i got into a curse war with was none other than red wings' defenseman chris cheliblos. it was pretty cool because i immediately recognized him once he stopped next to me--then to curse him out was best. it totally made my day in fact. i called in a 'whatevs watcher' to uncle grambo, but had to leave him a vmail account. seers, this account is all tru except for the 'retrobuzz' crack about his car. wish i woulda thought of that.

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