Tuesday, April 06, 2004

the drugs don't work 

maybe it's all the drugs i'm on right now (nothing illegal, just 6 blends of otc allergy/cold/flu hottness), but after the tigers' 7-0 schalacking of the blue jay's, i'm hopefully optimistic about the tigers' chances this year. jason johnson pitched terrific-ly, pudge/white/pena tagged last year's a.l. cy young winner, halladay, w/ homers. 1st time the tigers have been over the .500 mark in 3 years. best team ever!

maybe this is nothing, but this should give them alot more confidence early in the season. the attitude seems different around this team, & it would be nice for a change if they can keep a win-streak going so that they KNOW how it feels to win. i'm always a cynical person, so i'm really trying to look at this club positively, even if they lose a few early on. no doubt i will be making it to comerica park more than the 3 trips i made last year. the $6.50 32oz blue lights don't hurt either.

btw...it's very cool that the real janelle is also a tigers/cubs fan. i'm glad maddux is finally back home where he belonged all along, & i can finally start hating the atlanta braves again since he's no longer w/ them. mmmmBEST.

since i love to make bad predictions, here are a few in the sports realm:
bestworld series: cubs vs angels
winner: cubs in 6, ryne sandberg & andre dawson come out of retirement to help resurrect harry carey, weekend at bernie's 2 stizz. both play, harry gets hammered off bud lights, dies of a heart attack when the cubs actually win.

nba finals: pistons vs spurs
winner: pistons in 7, ben wallace wins playoff mvp, detroit city goes rioteer crazy, kwobviously.
nobody beats the devils!
nhl stanley cup finals: detroit vs new jersey winner: new jersey in 6, chris chelios' recent public displays of doucheocity become too much of a distraction for the wings to overcome. media hoopla suffocates the team, cheliblos is traded for a mule to be named later.

-i just checked out chromewaves & saw that wilco's jeff tweedy has checked into rehab for painkiller abuse. hopefully they'll be able to play at coachella, & jeff writes some of his best music afterwards. let's hope he doesn't sue his doctor either, ozzy stizz. maybe he's hanging out w/ peabs? you're nobody until you've been to rehab at least twice.

-if you haven't done so already, check out the leafblower's write-up on cobain from yesterday. good stuff. sometimes i forget about what a huge effect they had on what mainstream culture would embrace. cheers

-as always, give the gorilla some love & feedback over on whatevs today & tomorrow. he always does a bang-up job guest hosting while uncle grambo is away on 'business trips'.

-i feel awful, shoulda called in sick today but couldn't. worst day ever. at least i'm infecting others who piss me off.

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