Friday, April 23, 2004

give me a break 

bilson buzz
oc wrap party buzz
the oc wrap party was written up yesterday by sub-extraordinaire megan over at the blueprint, but i'm always a day late/dollar short. bilson doesn't reveal much about the last couple eps, but chino & sandy (ben mackenzie & peter gallagher) reveal a pregnancy/cliffhanger in the finale. wow, never could have guessed that. just guessing, maybe ryan has to pick between coop/theresa, cos he got theresa preggers back when they together at the motel? probably. or maybe ju-ju is preggers w/ luke's kid? probably not.
*oc buzzage via the grizz

SO MUCH BUZZ!!!! rachel bilson will be guesting on the jimmy kimmel show next weds, 4/28. mmmmBEST! too bad i don't get into la until the day after (sigh).
you're all a bunch of f*cking idiots!
doors/astbury- good interview w/ the cult's ian astbury on his role in the doors. i'm looking forward to seeing them in concert again. their tour last year was outstanding. if you don't like the doors, blow me. mr mojo risin is irreplaceable, but ian astbury brought the voice, the look & swagger, & chaotic spirit of morrison pretty well for a sub. no plans yet to release new doors material, but astbury has been working on a solo record. demos have been made w/ the likes of gorden raphael (strokes) & james lavelle (unkle).

wk buzz!!---w-best to star host a new advice/video show on mtv2, 'your friend, andrew wk', 'which will debut may 22. wk will answer emails from viewers submitted via mtv2.com and will also deal directly w/ fans on each ep...wk said, 'the show shouldn't be about ME, it should be about US', and that's the way it works...i don't know if i'm really qualified to be giving someone advice, but since people are asking for it, i'm going to do the best i can to help them out!'
*wk buzzage via the grizz

strokes +xbox=no buzz
tues 4/27, singer julian & fab will compete in xbox game w/ fame, by playing baseball & tennis games vs fans online. 'newyorkcitycops' is their name, & also their best song which should've made the 1st cut of 'is this it?' if they weren't such pussbags. gamecube all the way. they should be playing 'the party'!

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