Friday, April 09, 2004

it's good friday i'm in love 

i laughed pretty hard reading these 2 new articles posted on dwinkers winkers today. check out dog holds public office & territorial pissings. good stuff.
to gibby
just another reason why there's no need to go see the strokes when they come to town may 10th at the state. the d's numero uno douchebag the past 20 years (kirk gibson) reveals in this week's real detroit that he's a big fan of theirs' & will be at the strokes show 5/10. closet hipster? you like the white stripes, strokes? go back to dodger town.

$30-some tix, strokes live is exactly the same as recording (minus the uness hilariously unfunny drunk banter), they suck now, & gibby. what are 4 reasons why not to go to the state 5/10? 20 years ago you helped the tig's win the world series, so my friends' & i still toast sometimes 'to gibby' at the bar when doing shots, but you were a prick to me back in high school when i met you at gp north. i believe you told me to 'f*ck off'. class act.

last night i caught the rapture/brmc show at the majestic. rapture were absopurely best. they are everything that the white stripes should be, except they're talented, fun, & not 2 dimensional. during their set, robert turner of brmc was standing next to me catching their set. i asked him for a quote for retrobuzz & he brilliantly answered w/ 'f*ck yourself'. best. so much retrobuzz. call them j&mc rip-offs, whatevs. they always kick-ass live & rock out. as a tribute, nummer bought a round of rebel ale at the start of their set. most importantly, there was a rachel bilson look-alike right in front of me during brmc's set. obvs, her db bf was revealed. still best.

speaking of oc, here's some oc buzz courtesy of the grizz.

i'll share a question that was sent my way via email this week. 'retrobuzz, why are you always so pissed off at the world all the time?'. well if you thought you were going to be dead in 2 years & didn't care about anything, & your life was a f'ing albatross, you'd share the same view of the world as me. been super depressed lately, maybe i should take 30min out of my day & fill-out those medical benefit enrollment forms at work so that i can get health coverage so i can get some happy pills. maybe next week. alcohol, nothing cheers you up like a depressant. shmears.

3 weeks till coachella. running through the line-up, i made a list of my miss/can't miss acts. qwik list for the sake of brevity. obvs tough choices will have to be made once the time slots are announced. so many conflicts.

can't miss:
cure, ash, r-head, pixies, wilco (if they're there), flaming lips, paul van dyk, richard fearless, death cab, kraftwerk

would like to see:
muse, rapture, air, belle & sebastian, sahara hotnights, brmc, cooper temple clause, stereolab, pretty girls make graves, mogwai, ferry corsten, stellastarr*

don't want to be w/in ear-shot of these:
howie dayte rapist, the thrills, dizee rascal, the black keys, phantom planet, crystal method

enjoy your weekend!

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