Tuesday, April 27, 2004

jump.jump.jump up for my love 

in the second worst possible news ever (the worst being r-head won't be able to perform at coach), thom yorke's voice is ephed up w/ a viral infection & had to cancel their aussie show. he's on antibiotics, taking the week off & should be ready for coachella this weekend. at least he's not in rehab. one can only hope robert smith, tim wheeler, frank black, & ben gibbard don't all contract the white stripes virus before coachella.
someone just stole my brand new cadillac...
i'm about to lose control & i think i like it. what a shame. youngest pointer sister, june pointer whitmore, was arrested in la last week on cocaine possession charges. also revealed in the article is the fact that the pointer sisters have not performed in 3 years. 2001, really? i thought they pretty much gave up after bev hills cop 2.

even baby-boomers can't resist the medicinal benefits of cocaine. extra alertness, extra energy, & the euphoria. ah, the euphoria. if only someone would legalize it.

i saw this on so says i yesterday & felt very badly. college girl mysteriously dies at a slipnot show at harpos in detroit. my condolences to her family & friends (seriously), & a warning to all 4 of you reading this: don't go to harpos...ever, & don't listen to slipnot. bad shite will happen to good people. i've never been to harpos, but was tempted a couple years ago when skid row was touring again. not even a reunion of diamond dave & van ephing halen could get me there.

tourists. ephing tourists.lastly, i've been waiting for a response back on the following, but i'll post anyway. i'm a big fan of the real detroit's shannon mccarthy, but i nearly choked myself laughing while reading her review of franz ferdinand in last week's real detroit. she sounds like she's apologizing a bit for liking their album. this email was actually sent, unlike most of the other fake emails i post on here. never mind my ego stroking, i'm just trying not to sound like a jagoff so i can get some sort of response from her. but i did think that the best listening experience was anything else.

damore wrote:
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 14:38:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: damore
Subject: Franz Ferdinand review
To: shannon@getrealdetroit.com

Hi Shannon,   I have been a fan of yours' & your music reviews for Real Detroit for some time now. I have always found you to have been right-on in your musical critiques, & I have usually agreed with & often followed your review recommendations on new releases.
However, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your review of Franz Ferdinand's album  in the current issue of Real Detroit. I was disappointed to see that even the mighty Shannon McCarthy, Queen of Detroit music reviews had even bought into this post-punk band of mediocrity. I couldn't disagree more w/ your rating of 4.5/5 for this album. I know there is a heavy buzz & over-hype in the blogger & British music press scenes, & for that I am largely disappointed. This is a band that is about 2 years late to the retro post-punk-dance rock party. Strokes were arguably best (prior to 'Room on Fire'), Interpol is less fun but much better, and the Rapture does it much better & more fun.
I'm hoping an intern wrote this review for you & attached your name to it because you were busy pre-viewing the new Ash album, or something else good. Hopefully this is a short-lived phase & not indicative of the types of reviews to come in the future. Franz Ferdinand has no retro buzz.
That being said, I still look forward to your future reviews & interviews in Real Detroit Weekly. I'll just be a little more cautious when deciding whether to follow your music picks.
Best regards,

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