Wednesday, April 14, 2004

last night's abortion clinic 

while i can't say i've seen an ep of real world-san diego, i will say that karen+1's recap of rw-sd (A-Muse-D) is highly entertaining. i look forward to not watching any future eps of the real world sd & will gladly settle for reading funny recaps. f*ck tivo, this is so much easier!
& no and then
i don't like to wax political, like ever, but i did actually catch some of the gwbush address last night. what a db. asked about what his biggest mistake has been, he answered w/ something retarded like 'you mean other than trading sammy sosa to the white sox?'. that would have been hilarious in 1998 when anyone actually cared about baseball. 'wow, that's a great question. i wish i had that one in advance'. how about the whole gd intelligence breakdown in that 911 thing? how about the abortion known as not finding osama bin laden? how about not paying attention the f*cking us economy? how about the lies/exagerations about the weapons of 'mass destruction' in iraq, which have not, check that, will never be found in iraq?
he still maintained that they will be found in iraq. how about wasting all that time/money on mars/star wars defense?

catching my breath, that's alot of questions...or how about having absopurely no transition plan for the x-fer of control in iraq, almost 2 month's before we're supposedly exiting? lastly, best would have been, 'what have you really done to deserve a 2nd term?'. no, he just stood there stumped--was it really that unexpected to be asked that? i have bs pre-answers to that type of question for job interviews, & i'm a nobody...you're the f*cking president fcs!

my biggest problem was that numbnuts was so clueless/arrogant about it. no respect for him. admitting mistakes doesn't make you look foolish, only not doing so does. no one wants to hear a complete f*ck-up sit there all smugly & say 'everything's wonderful', when it's raining shit outside.

the gwbush quote of the day:
'a noble spirit embiggens us all'- as originally said by jebediah springfield

can't wait to see the daily show's coverage of this abortion of an address.

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