Wednesday, April 28, 2004

mathers is the new durst 

it's my last day at work today then tomorrow it's off to cali for some hottness in la, then palm springs/indio for coachella. mmmmbest! i'm hoping the usa today/ap oc post no-buzz polls will be posted tomorrow (provided the pollsters aren't hungoves).

1st off, huge props to kerry at so says i for hooking up green room guest buzzzzzz for tomorrow's jimmy kimmel show, featuring the faces of so says i, the blueprint, whatevs, & retrobuzz. celeb guests are vanessa marcil, david duchovney & musical guest snow patrol. mmmmBEST! so much buzz, i can't wait.

speaking of the kimmel show, rachel bilson was on the show last night & it was hott! you know i taped that shite! kimmel was asking questions about her & adam brody the oc show couple, about their real-life relationship, & brody's serious coke habit. not much revealed. she didn't mention any damore lusting wishes per se, but i'm still optimistic. stephen colbert from the daily show was on as well, & he was hilarious. stephen & bilson did a funny scene where stephen said 'ew! ew! ew!' in a feminine voice & rachel lip-synched to it. it doesn't get much better than that.

friday in palm springs-so much party buzz. looks like we might be partying at a swanky pre-coach kick-off dealie. dj'ing by none other than dntel's/postal service's jimmy tamberello. mmmmBUZZ! no word on whether ben gibbard will be hanging out there & do a couple postal service tracks or not. wouldn't that be best though?

vote detroit...for the future site of the beer hall of fame (via the gorilla)

the pollsters just sent me their oc pre-no buzz rankings for 'the strip':

4/28/04 AP Pre-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Strip'
1) Aunt Cindy (72)- Go get drunk somewhere not in the OC.
2) Theresa (67)- Get your own pool house.
3) Summer (44)- So your dad doesn't like Cohen, he loves cocaine and you don't, what's the big deal?
4) Chino (31)- Arr.
5) Caleb (21)- I'm rich, I'm old, etc.

4/28/04 USA Today Pre-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Strip'
1) theresa (79)- pregnant tranny--is that possible? maybe in chino. is it eddie's, who wants that future for their kid?
2) chino (63)- now it's your turn to screw things up w/ coop. broodingly.
3) julie coop (45)- get drunk & walk off a cliff while listening to some seger.
4) cohen (41)- you should think about getting your mouth wired shut. i know a good dentist, get you a good price.
5) caleb (32)- so desperate, so worst ever. stop pretending to be young, move to florida & die.

i'll try to add some graphics of some sort later.

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