Tuesday, April 20, 2004


durstocity continues...
someone phone those ephing tourists in franz ferdinand & explain that changing their name doesn't make them any less worst. 'the black hands'? i was thinking 'the hands that wank'.

also, playing accoustic parking lot sets at sold-out shows has no buzz. you're supposed to show up to packed shows (if even at all) 3 hours late, so drunk you can't remember lyrics properly, & play really loud. go back to prep school you ephing students.

worst news of the day. apparently fox suits & schwartz have been reading retrobuzz of late. revealed in today's usa today is that season 2 of the oc will not air until november. must be re-working story lines, scripts, putting together a job offer for damore, etc. hopefully fox will spend some more time working on & promoting tru calling, the best show ever. sfbovs.

*thx to bigmatt & the grizz for the respective news above

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