Monday, April 26, 2004

monday is the new 'turn & cough' 

the snow patrol show sat 4/24 at the shelter was great. the opener carina round was decent, but the lead singer was a bit awkward & funny. she started off by saying, 'your city is weird'. realizing the audience didn't know exactly what to make of her statement, she apologized several times during their set to clarify she meant that as a compliment. she should have said 'eph you & your ephing weird city' w/out apology.

snow patrizz stormed the stage & rocked out initially w/out saying a word, which i think is pretty cool when bands do that (see set-list below). singer/guitarist gary lightbody was pretty funny saying, 'we've read alot about detroit. the nme still writes everyday about the fight between those two guys from detroit. have you heard of nme? was that fight as big of a deal in detroit as the press make it out to be?'. at this point i was in front of the stage & yelled out, 'no! jack white has no buzz! white stripes blow!'. they laughed, but the audience wasn't too amused cos i think they all like the white stripes.

their set was ~1 hour, & they showed alot of energy to try & get the crowd into it, which was maybe 150 strong. most seemed to be into it. towards the end of their set, they revealed that will be back in detroit on tour in sept, if people wanted to see them again. to which i blurted out 'jimmy kimmel show this thursday!', & one of them says, 'yeah, we just watched his show for the 1st time last night. cheers.' the sound at the shelter wasn't great, as the vocals & lead guitar could have been a little louder. hopefully their next show will be at the magic stick or at st andrews. i'm hoping i'll be able to get audience tix to the show when i'm in la thurs. too bad nascar driver jeff gorden is the main guest on weds--i'm a huge nascar fan, so i'll miss that by 1 day. walmarts! & i'll just miss the oc's rachel bilson by 2 days (she's on tues 4/27). but i'm sure i'll see her & her cokehead boyfriend adam brody at coachella checking out ash/dcfc/etc sets. thursday's guests are david duchovny, the tastey vanessa marcil, & snow patrol. solid.

1 wow
2 gleaming auction
3 spitting games
4 one night
5 how to be dead
6 chocolate
7 olive grove
8 same
9 somewhere
10 ways & means
11 run
12 black & blue
13 tlf

so slammed at work today. all i want to do is look busy mon-weds but i actually have some real work to complete. durst. lots to cover...later.

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