Monday, April 19, 2004

mondays blow 

chock full of healthy smack goodnessdando buzz- rumor has it the lemonheads are getting back together & will start touring in south america next month. dando has some solo shows booked in the us, but would not confirm the rumors. hopefully they do reform, dando gets back off the smack, & juliana hatfield remains in the line-up. after seeing a disheveled dando at 2 shows last summer, he looked more ephed up on drugs than adam brody at a fox network summer coke party. shmears.

-guest editors- it's cool on blogs, but notso much in newspapers. this week everyone's favorite crap-band franz ferdinand is branching out from displaying a lack of musical talent, to guest editorship of the guardian's art section, g2. bunch of ephing tourists! one can only hope they won't be revealed as guest editors of the blueprint this month.

-may20th- so much buzz- the velvet revolver tour hits detroit, i've heard the state theatre, but that's not confirmed. the stp/gnr hybrid band will reportedly be playing old stp/gnr songs, in addition to tracks from their forthcoming album 'contraband', due out 5/18. i've only heard a couple tracks of their's, but it sounds awesome--heavy stp. the video for the 1st single, 'slither', premiere's 4/27 at 9pm on mtv2. too bad the tour will already cancelled before it even hits detroit. obvs, weiland will eph-up his 12th chance in minneapolis or chicago by getting caught buying/using heroin, guarenteed.

someone fetch me my 'medicine bag'-maybe it was just me, but i was forced into violent wretching last night upon seeing a promo comercial for 'the practice', whereby a rival law firm is headed by william shatner. as if the show wasn't over 2 years ago, this is just another pathetic attempt to try & muster up some guest app buzz (ie sharon stone, spader, etc). shatner/priceline.com, no buzz. although i was glad to see you can finally view flight times on their site. 6am flights to & from nyc blow. dr jack kevorkian would be a more suitable guest star for the final season. he could attach a suicide machine to david e kelly. too bad he's in prison still.

*thanks for nothing fox! wb rips-off fox & will air 7 eps of 'the wb superstar usa', william hung style. um, worst.

*also revealed is some oc buzz...ch-check it out. beasties, so overdue.
*oc/bill hung buzz courtesy of the grizz

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