Wednesday, April 21, 2004

more buzz than 80 on rumblestrips  

finally a tarantino guest app that doesn't suck...darkness, la, kimmel. well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

ash buzz!! sfbest! skywalker ranch...finally george lucas has some buzz. new single 'orpheus' is released may 3rd, new album 'meltdown' to be released may 17 in uk (amazon.uk is so warranted). i assume from the cryptic talk wheeler & co are in talks w/ lucas to use some ash songs in star wars games or the final star wars movie. best! while i think chris martin the person blows, i'm looking forward to hearing him teamed up w/ ash to cover the buzzcock's 'everybody's happy nowadays' for yet another upcoming blank-of-the-dead zombie movie, 'shaun of the dead'--for which i have no energy to research.
head's-up uncle grambo! liz phair & nina persson to head-line this summer's 'chicks w/ attitude' tour. there will be a detroit date. despite the maybe it's maybelline tour sponsership, i say mmmmBUZZ

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