Wednesday, April 21, 2004

more nonsense 

happy birthday props today to peabs over at sstp. show him some love & tell him how sweet he is. even if it is a lie.

snow patrol's song 'spitting games' was featured on last night's one tree hill ep. the 2nd ep they've been featured in (i think). i believe the 1st was 'tiny little fractures' a couple weeks back. yes, i watch one-tree hill, i'm a loser, & i'm comfortable w/ it. anyway, i'm excited for their show this sat 4/24 at the shelter. i don't understand the coldplay comparisons, other than they are english too. but i do think they sound a little like pete yorn & idlewild, which is good. after reading concert write-up's on karen+1 & 5500 this past week, i'm expecting major buzz revealed.
still so popular in japan
watched jon stewart's daily show last night & found a couple items to be hilarious:
'what the f*ck does george tenet have to do to get fired?!'- stewart commenting on the bob woodward 60min piece where tenet was described as emphatically telling bush that finding weapons of mass destruction in iraq would be a 'slam dunk'.

rob corddry reading excerpts from colin powell's 'hello kity diary'. best.

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