Thursday, April 22, 2004

more oral pleasuring. kwobvs 

i thought this is pretty funny. mischa's barfin has been banned from clothing store fred segal for lighting the store up in print. hopefully walmarts doesn't see my blog. i buy all of my wifebeaters there. fred segal, no buzz. do they like have a pic of mischa on wall of shame in the store? i would've thanked her for the publicity & sent her some free stuff (link via so says i)
run dmc stizz. cobvs!
hello fox, the fat albert movie w/out bill cosby=WORST IDEA EVER. no one cares. no retrobuzz. add in aaron carter & the another boy-band pussbag i've never heard of & it's a topeka 1972 back-alley abortion. i know cosby is busy w/ the obvs in '04 campaign, the many gang-bangs & all, but it just won't be the same. bizzle bozzle!

while i don't like nyc mayor bloomberg, mostly because of the smoking ban in bars (for which it only really effects me for the 3 day's i'm there each year), i never really liked snapple beverages much. they had the worst commercials. snapple's trying to become 'big apple', the official beverage of nyc. worst. obvs that girl is already spoken for...sparks.
what would life in the d be w/out another scandel development (well, not really a new one) in the mayor's office? stripper allegedly dances at a private party at the mayor's mansion. stripper's show name is 'strawberry'. strawberry dies. cops investigate death/link to mayor kwame kilpatrick. investigating cop x-ferred to another job for mis-spelling 'homicide' & other grammatical mistakes. sounds legit. cop sues kwame. it's a very sexy administration, probably the sexiest ever. dar-yl, dar-yl, dar-yl. kwobvs.

more oc related material to be posted later today.

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