Tuesday, April 13, 2004

no buzz 4.13 

as you can tell, i'm not a big fan of irreality tv. it's everywhere now. 1+1=1

1.) nick & jessica variety hour- most painful hour of tv each week? maybe, or a close 3rd to 'malcom in the middle', 'king of the hill', & the other shows i couldn't care any less about. this couple is on every mag cover now & all over mtv, etc. for what? a notso talented b-list 'musician' foolishly marry's a notso smart famous bombshell singer. j-simpson is nice to look at, but she's such a bitch, & so spoiled & stupid. she shouldn't be allowed to make fun of herself on tv, that's OUR job as american citizens. get that into the legislative process & you'll get my vote for pres.

2.) celeb irreality tv - nascar drivers, bobby/whitney, nick/jessica, trump, etc. no one really gives a damn about you, that's why you have to do reality tv. so why do so many tune in to see your show? plain & simple, cos it's on tv. it's not good, it's not funny. why do celebs do them? cos it makes them relevant again very quickly, which they can't do on their own.

nascar- if i can't bring myself to watch cars driving on tv, what makes them think i'm are going to care about what drivers do off the track. oh, right, all that white-trash demographic stuff. walmarts. good thing the drivers/fx were not able to strike a final deal & the show is sunk for now.
no caption required
3.) the swan- this is the anti-christ of reality tv. what a great message fox is sending to young american girls. if you're not attractive by our impossibly high standards, just get some plastic surgery done. hopefully you can even get a tv network to foot the bill. all you have to do is sell your soul to rupert murdock & give-up all self-respect. what a stupid show. you're ugly, so we can make you hott & you'll be in beauty pageants. f*ck you!
good after 2 bags of franzia
4.) franzia- the franz ferdinand mobile abortion clinic hits detroit on 6/13 at the majestic theatre. if you thought their music is bad, well their tour fliers' are even worse--archduke franz & co on horses, chivalry-stizz. so durst, & i'm not referring to the blog of the same name. 613 is the new 911.

5.) 'no buzz lists' on blogs- no one cares what you think sucks.

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