Friday, April 16, 2004

no buzz-the oc 

4/15/04 USA TODAY Post-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Proposal'
1) Luke (52)-you're 'in love w/ julie cooper?'. 'julie, i'm leaving tomorrow...i'm coming to see you...you owe me a goodbye!'. i hope you die of syph in portland bitch.
1) Coop (52)-why do you care about luke? he ephed you, your friend, then he ephed your mom. you survived another ep, keep purging! & someday soon you'll finally die.
1) Chino (52)-boring & brooding, you should've been in the truck w/ luke too, brooding & pulse-less.
1) Julie Cooper (52)-making wise-cracks about kirsten's drinking, screwing caleb's old bones is the best you can hope for.
5.) Jimmy Cooper (27)-thanks for stopping by jimmy, now get the f*ck out!
bilson buzz
the usa today pollsters are totally pissed off. a 4-way 1st place tie is insane. & these are the edited comments. the oc has been buzzless for awhile now. these kids to need to start having unprotected sex w/ numerous strangers, hosting 'white parties' in the oc, & much more binge drinking. a wasted coop is much better than a crying coop. it also gets us closer to a dead coop.

what's best: summer dissing cohen, her 'wink wink' t-shirt, luke listening to seger's 'night moves' drinking 40's hanging out in the park (as suggested by bigmatt at motorcityrocks), luke kicking the shite out of his truck, kirsten getting wasted, sandy cohen, 'welcome to portland bitch', the lighthouse, & summer roberts.

what's worst: how long before luke & coop start dating again? coop blaming her mom for 'almost killing luke', caleb bonding w/ coop & black-mailing her, coop's endless crying, care bears, cohen cohen cohen, caleb caleb caleb, coop coop coop, julie coop julie coop julie coop, chino chino chino, adam brody's $2000/day coke habit

any thoughts? i leave you w/ this bilson hottness below, & a link to more oc hottness on 5500.
tru hottness

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