Friday, April 02, 2004

no buzz poll (post) 

4/01/04 USA TODAY Post-No Buzz Poll
The OC 'The Nana'

1) Chino (70)- back together w/ coop. maybe OJ can 'goldman' the 2 of them.
1) Coop (70)- you should have gone to pittsburgh to live w/ anna. they'd fatten you up there too.
3) Nana (37)-die already, no one likes you. the treatments' won't work. give up & go back to nyc to die.
4) Julie Cooper (35)- you caved-in to coop's threat to publicly expose your affair w/ luke in like 1 sec flat. nice mom.
5) Cohen (29)embarrassed of summer? reading in bed w/ summer, reading comic books while sitting on your bed w/ summer. loser, that's why she's going to dump your ass soon. you've fallen further than fran healy post 'the man who'.
*1st place votes indicated in parenthesis

the AP voters could not be reached for poll results. the pre-poll is a guess of the outcome, the post-poll is the actually outcome after the episode airs.

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