Wednesday, April 28, 2004

no time for luv dr. jones 

-don't forget, rachel bilson is on the jimmy kimmel show tonight, abc stizz. ps...i love you. mmmmbest!

-breaking buzz from *trusted source that the season1 oc dvd's will be released in october. shmears.
* & by trusted source, i mean i just made that up

-josh schwartz is *confirmed to be attending coachella this weekend. no word on bilson/brody/barfin/chino, but my guess is that brody/bilson will be revealed catching phantom planet, dcfc & ash sets, maybe bob seger too. forsher. oc buzz. no word on eliza dushku's attendance either. where else would i run into my future wife?
* & by confirmed, i mean i just made that up too

-retrobuzz brand tee's/hat/thongs/& other assorted crap are now available for sale on-line. i got the initial (& only) press tee today. buzzzzzz.

-2 posts forsher tomorrow, like i'm actually going to get work done. hopefully i'll be able to post the pollsters post oc no buzz rankings thurs am, maybe a brief tru calling capsule as well. we'll see.

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