Thursday, April 22, 2004

the polls have spoken 

4/23/04 AP Post-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Shower'
1) Aunt Cindy (72)- More useless than Luke's gay dad bit.
2) Theresa (67)- Apparently the only thing to do in Chino when in trouble is move in with the Cohen's, try something different sweetie before the AP gives you a matching set of black eyes.
3) Summer (44)- Could your character have anymore drastic changes?
4) Chino (31)- Don't even know where to start.
5) The Underscore (21)-Some of the worst music cues ever to have been used on televison.
*1st place votes indicated in parenthesis

4/23/04 USA Today Post-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Shower'
1) Theresa (91)-maybe 'walmarts eddie' discovered captain winkee? very deep voice. moving to oc=bad, suicide=best
2) Cohen (74)-way to go dumbass, you blew it w/ summer's dad. i know one usa today pollster who's sitting pretty in the on-deck circle for miss roberts' attention.
3) Eddie (55)-wasn't even in the episode, but i could still see the full wardrobe of walmarts wifebeaters.worst
4) Julie Coop (51)-sllllllllutttt!!!!
5) Caleb (34)-getting married in 2 weeks? he's tired of wasting his viagra & jergens on the home shopping network programming.
5) Chino (34)-inviting your ex-girlfriend to live w/ you in the poolhouse. smart.
*1st place votes indicated in parenthesis

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