Wednesday, April 07, 2004

porcelain princesses 

i thought of a really cool & disturbing idea for a reality show this morning, porcelain princesses:

10 hott girls w/ various eating disorders, all living in the house for 2 month's, w/ only 1 bathroom, an always fully stocked fridge/pantry of groceries, & no access to mini-thins or fen-fen. the bathroom would sport a puke cam w/ a laser sensor to catch all the throw-up action. through advanced technology, somehow the puke cam would only activate when a girl was throwing up. don't ask me how, that's for the egg-heads to figure out. imagine how many cat fights there would be fighting for the bathroom to purge next, so many cigarettes smoked, alcohol consumed, hott girl-on-girl-on-girl action. it's a mix of big brother & the real world, only good. kwobvs it would have to be on fox late night.

it could also be used as a p.s.a as well, it would show the disturbing effects that eating disorders have on people. cos i'm sure a couple cast members would not be able to make the 1, 2, or 3 year reunion shows due to their deaths & all. i bet 1 or 2 girls would even die during the 2 month taping. think of the ratings...'WHICH HOTT SKINNY BULIMIC/ANOREXIC GIRL WILL BE NEXT TO DIE? JENNA, AMBER, HEATHER...? FIND OUT NEXT WEEK ON AN ALL NEW PORCELAIN PRINCESSES ONLY ON FOX'.
no clever caption

wow, that claritin d really messed me up this morning.

thanks to aplarcadia for forwarding this along to me. listen to wilco's new album 'a ghost is born'. so much prehab buzz.

here's the current 'final' track list:

at least that's what you said 5:35
hell is chrome 4:40
spiders (kidsmoke) 10:48
muzzle of bees 4:58
hummingbird 3:13
handshake drugs 6:09
wishful thinking 4:43
company in my back 3:48
i'm a wheel 2:39
theologians 3:38
less than you think 15:06
the late greats 2:30

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