Wednesday, April 21, 2004

some oc buzz 

some more oc buzz in today's usa today/freep (link courtesy of bigmatt at mc rocks)

speaking of usa today, the pollsters just sent me their pre-'the shower' oc no-buzz rankings.
4/22/04 USA TODAY Pre-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Shower'
1) Eddie (99)-beating up your fiance, in a wife-beater no less. pure irony. walmarts!
2) Theresa (75)-what did you think eddie was like? he wears wife-beaters even in the shower.
3) Julie Coop (48)-don't be embarassed, we all knew you were always a tramp. c'mon, you were shagging your daughter's ex-ex fcs.
4) Chino (36)-killing eddie would be fun & all, but is theresa worth years of the worstevs type of sex? prison sex=no buzz.
5) Cohen (29)-less talking. no comic books, no rooney. stick to what you know. more death cab & shins.
*1st place votes indicated in parenthesis
mischa's barfin
Note-worthy- Coop trying to ruin her mom's wedding, that's totally best. 1st time coop has dropped out of the top5. pollsters sound very enthusiastic about this ep. i don't think it was just that they were noticably drunk when they voted. i'm optimistic this ep will be the best in weeks.

4/22/04 AP Pre-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Shower'
1) Theresa (82)-The show is called THE OC, not The Chino. go away.
2) Eddie (62)-Nice stash dip shit.
3) Caleb (41)-Marry sluts much?
4) Chino (27)-Can you come up with another brooding look?
5) Julie Cooper (17)-What's next a threesome with your daughter and
*1st place votes indicated in parenthesis

the ap pollsters once again show why they are the oc masters. concise, cutting, & funny. amazingly, the AP'sters & the USA Today'sters agreed on coop falling out of the top5. theresa & eddie are flip-flipped 1 & 2. Only difference in the top5's are caleb at #3 slot in the AP, & cohen in #5 slot in usa today.

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