Thursday, April 22, 2004

tru travesty 

tru hottnessfox...why must you torment me so much?! fox released their early renewals for the 2004-2005 season...the oc, bernie mac, 24, & malcolm in the ephing middle. no tru calling...yet. wtf?! the rest of the '04-'05 renewals will be announced on may 20th. the oc is obvs. 24...i don't like/don't watch--but it's obvs, bernie mac--obvs. malcolm in the middle. renewed. tru calling. not renewed (yet). frankie db muniz. has a job. dushku. in limbo. are fox execs retarded? tru calling is the best show...ever.
(thanks to nummer for this depressing buzz kill)

the thoughts on the last night's the oc- 'the shower'
1) love the opening family kitchen scenes. good music, witty banter
2) seth-funny for a change going through the new family tree
3) theresa- yep, you're engaged to a wife-beater.
4) bob seger ref's=best. is ju-ju coop the reason luke was so into seger? seger is good, but rock&roll hall of fame good? nope.
5) um, julie...you have zero friends. kirsten was tanked when she agreed to be you maid of honor.
6) coffee has no buzz, chino/coop should be drinking sparks, or at least 40's.
7) summer, so best!
even cohen knows chino is too brooding
9) cohen-lunch w/ mr roberts, not such a good idea. he doesn't want to hear about rooney & comic books.
10) theresa- die! die! die! get out of the oc.
11) celery's gay--who knew.
12) cohen, ditch the rooney poster in your room fcs!
13) jimmy--about time you started tapping that ass (haley)
14) coop- so happy & coy, & not annoying. did she hit up sonic burger today?
15) kirsten boozing it up. awesome. but what, no sparks in the oc?
16) coop to julie 'actually i came by to sabotage your wedding shower by inviting aunt cindy'. so mean. so best.
17) aunt cindy- so trashy, so vulgar, so hates julie.
18) def leppard resets=gold. hysteria...top 5 in 87.
19) cindy's 'libra...always a hottie' t-shirt. durst.
20) chrismakkuh explanation=not good topic. mr roberts would rather talk about the merits of ben gibbard & james mercer.
21) haley- slllllut!
22) coop- fun, laughing, eating cake. eat more often.
23) fox2 problem solvers commercial---F*CK OFF! (i'm wasted at this point)
24) seth-shut-up, i'm pretty sure summer's dad hates you.
25) theresa/chino- both brooding now. why is theresa's voice so deep? tranny? is that why eddie popped you? 'dicks w/ chicks, guy's w/ boobs. we could get girls w/ pussies in detroit'-taxi cab confessions reset sorry.
26) coop, don't be jealous, chinos' stick together.
27) julie coop-'is it too early to start drinking?' nope, never. but shagging in monster trucks? walmarts.
28) chuck woolery & rick springfield resets? absopurely best
29) jimmy-haley is a whore. duh. enjoy it for what it is. she's going to ruin the lighthouse selling speedball & sex.
30) caleb- so desparate. he'd hump a coffee table if he had to. ikeas or pottery barns. even targets!
31) summer-no one's good enough for your dad. your dad's in love w/ you
32) chino-don't invite theresa to move-in. tell her to move-in w/ luke in portland, listening to seger's 'night moves' & luke's dad w/ his partner.

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