Thursday, April 15, 2004

what's up ladies, what's up sluts? 

yesterday, so much buzz. today, notso much. in fact, today might be the worst day evs. work...is there anything worse? i seriously liked the 5 months i was unemployed in 2002. i didn't like moving back into my mom's house at 25, but life was so simple then. sleep-in everyday, scour the web for jobs, watch the practice on fx at 11, walk 7-8 miles, wait for friends' to get off work, party hard. lather, rinse, repeat. the not having money part sucked too, but it made it so easy to prioritize the essentials from the nonessentials.

so anyway, the britney spears show at the palace was best. not due to the music, or the show, but the entire experience. pre-show 40's buzz in the parking lot (12:51 & cabin fever buzz), multiple contributing-to-the-deliquency of multiple under 21 hotties, a free extra ticket to the show, post-show drinks in the birm, post-post-show-drinks dushku on kilborn's show, the oc (well, half of it anyway), so much buzz to be covered later. slammed at work today. nothing probably until late afternoon. patience my (4) pretties. the post show oc no buzz polls aren't expected to tallied until later as well. i think the usa today pollsters are hungover.

many thanks to uncle grambo & seantizz for dropping me off at my car mid-bar hopping. i caught dushku, it was a new kilborn show, & it was amazing. except for the part w/ the fat kid in stand by me-jerry whatevs.

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